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Rubies have long been prized for their beautiful red color and symbolism of passion and vitality. In ancient myths and legends, rubies were thought to contain an inextinguishable inner fire. As the birthstone for July, rubies are associated with strength, power, and integrity. Their captivating hue makes them a popular choice for jewelry from daily wear to special occasions.

How to check if Ruby suits you?

Now you know quite a bit about ruby in jewelry design. But is ruby jewelry right for you? Here are some factors to consider when making this personal decision:

Start by checking if rubies resonate with your innate energy and spirit. In crystal healing traditions, rubies are believed to increase overall vitality, courage, and zest for life. If you want to enhance these qualities in yourself, wearing ruby jewelry can help magnify your natural vibrancy. Sensitive people may also pick up on the ruby’s glow of optimism and use it as a talisman against negative thinking.

Personal Connection to the Spirit of Ruby

Are you ready to add ruby’s captivating sparkle to your personal gem collection? As a talisman of passion, courage and vitality, rubies choose their ideal keepers. Trust your intuition when selecting ruby jewelry, since rubies reveal their brilliance only to those whose inner fire burns as intensely as their crystalline structure.

If your spirit resonates at ruby’s heartfelt frequency, their regal red gems will accentuate your most empowered self. For alignment with your fullest potential, determine if rubies’ magical glow speaks to the true you.

Energy alignment of Ruby with Zodiac signs

Your astrological sign or numerology chart can also indicate if rubies make harmonious additions to your jewelry collection. In Indian Vedic astrology, rubies bring good fortune to Leos, Aries, and Scorpios in particular. Numerologically, people born on dates adding up to the number 1 or 9 have an affinity for rubies. If you fall into these categories, ruby jewelry may align elegantly with your inherent strengths and path in life.

How to select Ruby Jewelry?

When choosing specific ruby jewelry pieces, opt for legitimate rubies over synthetic gems or imitations. Natural rubies with minimal enhancements resonate best energetically. Additionally, silver, or yellow gold settings allow rubies’ red luminosity to shine instead of clashing against the jewel tones. For jewelry worn daily, choose durable rubies with hardness ratings over 9 on the Mohs scale. Delicate cocktail rings or special occasion pieces can feature more ornate ruby centerpieces in gold or platinum bezels surrounded by sparkling diamonds.

In terms of ruby sources, select companies that responsibly mine and certify their gemstones. Due to differences in regional host rock, rubies from Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and India each exhibit distinctive nuances while sharing luminescence and blue-red secondary hues signatures of real rubies. Once you find a trusted jeweler specializing in natural rubies, discuss your preferences to pick pieces that best match your style and intended purpose.

Final Words

In the end, deciding if ruby jewelry is right comes down to personal preferences and energy attraction. If drawn to their symbolic attributes and astrological associations, allow rubies’ vitality to fuel your self-expression. With proper care and setting styles, natural rubies can become beloved jewelry pieces to be passed down for generations.

Of all colored gemstones, rubies have one of the longest histories of adornment across cultures, so consult your heart to continue their legacy. If rubies’ resplendent beauty leaves you breathless, claim them as your own to boost strengths, dispel fears, and live as authentically as these garnet-hued gems display their iridescent light.

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