There is no end to the number of people who are nowadays in an active search of physiotherapy websites. In fact the demographics show that it is not just people from the western world who look up for physiotherapy websites, but a host of such searches also come from Asia Pacific region.

This really goes to show the degree of faith and trust people have in physiotherapy, and the effectiveness of the art form.

A fact many of us might not be aware about physiotherapy is that the art form has been in prominence since centuries at a stretch. It earlier used to find an implementation in the form of massage therapy.

However with the advancement in medical science, Physiotherapy became a specialized field, with very proper procedures in place. And it is interesting to note that physiotherapy holds more for us than we could otherwise possibly imagine.

Physiotherapy: The Best Way to Heal Everyday Backaches

Backache is a commonplace occurrence and 80% of us suffer from bouts of backache at some or the other point of time in our lifetimes. It would come across as a surprise to many of us that physiotherapy stands as the single most effective treatment when one is working towards getting over everyday backaches.

The underlying reason for this is that the back is an avascular structure and has no blood vessels. And the only way nutrition and oxygen reach the back is through movement. Correspondingly, staying fit has often been cited as the best way to keep the back healthy, just as it works for our everyday fitness as well.

Physiotherapy works on the same lines, and when a medical practitioner massages one's back, he stretches the soft tissue in ways which may not otherwise be possible in everyday life. It ensures that the back receives a fresh supply of nutrition, detoxifies itself, and healing process is accentuated.

Traction Devices

Another very interesting fact which might take us by surprise is that a traction device can work as effectively as a massage by physiotherapist.

One might occasionally find that one does not feel like driving down to physiotherapist every time one suffers from a backache. Moreover, pain might return in some cases, if one is not able to see the practitioner at regular intervals. It is in such scenarios that a home traction device can work wonders for your health and well being.

The Decompression Belt

The decompression Belt is a device based upon physiotherapy and works on the principle of decompression.

The device is simple to use.

All one is required to do is manually fasten the decompression belt around one's waist, and inflate it with the air pump that comes as a part of the kit.

As the decompression belt rises vertically in height, it

1. Takes the weight of the upper body off the lower back, which has very often come across as the primary underlying cause of backaches.

2. As the decompression belt rises, it creates more space in between the vertebrae, so any underlying condition such as a pinched nerve in the back is healed by itself. This also relieves a host of conditions related with backaches, such a numbness in hands, a shooting pain in arms, or even fibromyalgia.

The best part is that you can put on the decompression belt and carry on with your day like you always did. You can wear the belt while driving, sitting or doing laundry. Things that were earlier difficult, like cooking or playing with your children are now much easier with the decompression belt.

And you can use the decompression belt as many times as you like, or for as long as you like, right from the comfort of your home, without having to worry about visiting your physiotherapist every time you have that nagging backache!

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