Tricks on how to track your boyfriend phone number

Any relationship is based on trust. If there is even a little sign of cheat in your relationship then it may lead to big problems. If there is only one thing that is pampering you, it’s better to discuss it with your partner instead of coming to a final decision.

In this modern world with a number of technologies, there are some apps through which you can track someone’s call, text message tracking, or GPS location to check what exactly the person is talking about and with whom. Learn how to track your boyfriend's phone number with these simple tricks:

Trick 1: Track Phone Number Locations

To track the location of any phone number IMEI and GPS call locators are used to track the real-time location of a call.

There are some apps based to track locations like GPSPhone or OneLocator even when your mobile is not connected to the internet.

Trick 2: Track the owner of a phone Number

When your friend is cheating you, it's obvious they will hide his or her phone number from you. Or sometimes there is a situation when you have doubts about someone. Your thinking is over here.

Now it is possible to track the full details of the owner of a mobile number. With a website like white pages, you can track the full name and address of any number. This website scans public records of an individual or business to give you detailed information.

Trick 3: Track Phone Number Caller ID without getting a call

Now just track the mobile number of the person with CNAM lookup service. Through this service you will get to know the name of the person but its recommended that your cache data should not be deleted.

This service also helps you to check the spam score of any number. This service is also able to identify 133 or 1800 numbers in the US.

Trick 4: Finding Facebook Accounts With Phone Numbers

Nowadays if you are using any social media accounts then you must know that they need verification with your personal numbers. So it’s easy to find your spouse or partner’s Facebook accounts with a mobile number. The best thing about Facebook is that it gives you a full insight into a person’s profile. You can check out his close friends, mutual friends, the most locations they visit, etc.

Last but not least.

What to do if your call in still unknown

There may be conditions that your partner has blocked you. Don’t worry it’s easy to trap then also. Just use the trytrapcall, unmask the number first, and then follow the above tricks. If you are in the US or Canada then TryTrapCall is one of the best apps to unmask the blocked numbers.

All In One

Whether you want to track someone or want to spy a cell phone there are plenty of options. You just need to choose any one of them according to the phone or software you use. Because some mobile spy services or apps work on Android but not on iPhone and vice versa. So tracking phone numbers is really very simple these days.

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