If we are in confusion to take a decision or if someone passes information unexpectedly, then we tend to believe them and act so.

During childhood we listen to our parents and as we grow old, we tend listen to our friends, teachers, well-wishers, etc.
But many of us will have received a saying that "listen to others but finally take your own decision."
However,taking an own decision is not always possible for all of us. Because sometimes the advice or information given to use might be from family, close friends or relatives can be so compelling to rely on. Then it will be tough to ignore their ideas or opinions.

Unfortunately, if we fail because of following others opinion, then we will repent very much.

Why it is important not to listen to others

1. Others give an opinion from their own view of the circumstance and they do not understand what you are facing or going through.

2. Other's opinions are sometimes based on their experience. This seems good but for some personal issue there is no guarantee that we will also face the same experiences.

3. Other's might not be giving a true opinion, i.e., they may even try to mislead us because of jealousy or grudge.

4. The person giving his opinion takes the circumstance we are facing lightly and gives his opinion. He will not know the seriousness of the issue or how important it is to us.

5. The person giving advice might not be experienced enough but still, give advice. This may be out of their expectation that such and such can happen.

Why it is important to listen to others.

a) Maybe it gives us a chance to refine our ideas and form an own and matured opinion about the issue.

b) There are chances that we see an issue from one side. The other person's opinion might help us to understand the problem from the other side.

c) The advice given might be out of the experience which is well worth to consider.

d) The person giving advice might be our parent or very close acquaintance who knows our situation very well.

But in reality, it is always better to listen to our inner voice because though we might fail by it; we will learn a lot from it and also it will give complete satisfaction without repenting or complain about others.

However we need to take another view of the issue, and this should be from people like our well-wishers, persons experienced in the field and available for help, etc.

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