I suspect it is.

Even if you are a newer business, once you have your free pieces in place and have your Signature System, you can offer a high end program.

You can run this as a group program or you can simply create a program for individuals.

Statistics have proven that 20% of your list wants a higher level program. The nice part is you do not need a big list!

There is an exclusivity feeling with Platinum. People like to feel special and cared for and this is the perfect way to offer that.

Now, this does mean you have to give up your 'dollars for hours' philosophy. Yes, you can work with one individual but the investment for your program is not figured in hours, it's done by the length of your program. Typically, Platinum programs are 6, 9 or 12 months.

Clients will pay for exclusivity, just like they pay for 1st class on an airplane. They are ready to commit to making big changes in their life whether it's through building a business, losing weight or making other life style changes.

One of my favorite things about running Platinum programs is I am able to really take great care of my ladies. My groups are small so I can cater to their needs easily. I want them to feel special, allow them special privileges (like private/direct email) and making them feel elite.

The other advantage to running high end programs is that they take themselves very seriously. They are truly stepping up and are ready for making whatever benefits you offer a reality. They want powerful results and they are willing to pay for it.

You will find these clients are so motivated they follow through much more than your clients investing in your lower level programs. It's so fun to watch them grow and achieve their goals!

The other piece is that by running your own Platinum program gives you increased credibility and makes you the expert. You put together a program that gives your clients what they want, you take wonderful care of them and your reputation soars.

Seriously, I want you to consider this option. I also suggest that you join a Platinum program if you haven't done so yet, so you will see how they flow. You will also learn which components you want in your program and what you want to include.

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