Have you ever noticed that certain (geographic) areas seem to attract people of similar mindsets and similar actions? No I am not talking about people who fish or surf being attracted to the coastline. It is not that obvious a correlation. It is along the line of this — certain cities or town are active, lively, creative and attract people of this mindset while other areas are bland, dull and somewhat dormant and inactive.

When I lived in San Diego, most of the people there were very active and lively. Same thing for Fort Lauderdale area. Growing up in northeastern PA, such was not the case. Here in Central Florida, it depends on the area. Downtown, Celebration, and coastal areas (and my household) are active and upbeat. Outside of these areas, particularly in the small towns, there is a feeling of stale gray energy. Granted, there are certainly exceptions to this and it should not be considered a 100% truism, but I am speaking of majorities here.

Why is this? Do active people see out active communities? That would seem to be the obvious answer but why does an area become an “active community” (such as the Villages) while other areas are sedentary such the areas around the National Forest.

I have a theory. Certain areas are more conducive to movement based upon their topography. For example, areas that have moving water, an ultimate symbol of Nature-in-action, are very active. That would explain my experiences in South Florida and San Diego. Areas such as the National Forest are enclosed, shielded from the wind (which is another example of Nature-in-action). The water in these areas, found in the form of lakes or ponds are stagnant. They do not move like the ocean or the rivers or creeks of other regions.

In others words, Nature provides more movement in certain areas compared to others. People, knowingly or unknowingly, gravitate to the energy that fits their personality. Active people seek active areas in Nature while sedentary people seek stagnant areas.

We know this on some level. Go into a room or drive to an area and there is an immediate energetic reaction. Verbally, it typically sounds like, “This area feels right” or “I don’t like the feel of this area” or “There is something about this area that I find attractive.” It is as if we are saying, “I know . . .but I don’t exactly know why or how I know. . . but I certainly know.”

You may have heard the phrase, “Where ever you go, there are you” or some other variation which implies that you cannot run away from your problems. Rather you must deal with them regardless of where you are. Of course, there is truth to this. However, it should come with an asterisk. Want to be more active, move to an active area. Want to express your creativity? Move to a creative area.

Like attracts like. When you match your energy to fit your desires, you are in sync. Good things will inevitably flow.

** There is an odd method called Taoist 9 Star Ki which calculates the area one should live, based on their birthday, birth time and birth location. Whether you believe it or not, it is quite an interesting study. I had the pleasure of taking a class in this and it was 100% accurate for me at least. Active person — active areas.

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David Orman is the author of the blog The Ordinary Buddha found at TheOrdinaryBuddha.wordpress.com.