Deodorants and antiperspirants are among the personal care products that are likely to be found in our bathrooms. There is a difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant. A deodorant prevents body odor by using antimicrobial agents that kill bacteria causing body odor. An antiperspirant, on the other hand, prevents both body odor and sweats. Antiperspirants contain aluminum salts that dissolve when applied in the armpits and clogs the sweat glands to prevent sweating. This is not good because sweating is a biological process that should not be stopped since it plays an important role in our systems.
Aluminum is present in most antiperspirants because it’s the leading ingredient in sweat protection. It has been approved by FDA to be used to curb excess sweats. When aluminum mixes with sweat it reacts to form those yellow stains in your shirt. But is it safe? There are some major health concerns that have been raised on the use of aluminum. These are:

1. Breast cancer risk

Since aluminum in the antiperspirant work by clogging your sweat glands to prevent sweating, it is believed that some small amounts are absorbed into the skin if it is nicked while shaving. If aluminum is absorbed into the skin, it will interfere with estrogen hormones which can promote the growth of breast cancer cells. This poses a risk of breast cancer because the absorption area is next to the breast. Some research studies claim that breast cancers develop in the outer quadrant of the breast next to the underarm where antiperspirant is applied. Although there have been conflicting results from the research studies done by scientists concerning the relationship between antiperspirant and breast cancer, there hasn’t been a conclusive research done.

2. Antiperspirants and Alzheimer's disease

Research studies done 1960’s found that there were high levels of aluminum in the brains of patients suffering from Alzheimer disease. The study linked the use of household items containing aluminum and also antiperspirant products. Since aluminum is found even in; cookware, antacids, baking soda, table salt, it is hard to pinpoint antiperspirant as the main cause of Alzheimer contrary to what some research studies have done. Although it has been proven that the accumulation of aluminum in the body causes Alzheimer disease.

3. Antiperspirants, Kidney Disease and Dementia

It is normally not recommended for kidney patients to use antiperspirants that contain aluminum because there are claims that some aluminum can be absorbed by the skin. This is because there is an accumulation of aluminum in their body and blood. Since their kidneys are not working properly, it cannot excrete aluminum fast enough hence the accumulation. But some scientists claim that you cannot absorb that large amount of aluminum in your skin, enough to harm your kidneys.

From the above discussion, it is evident that there are fears concerning the use of aluminum-based deodorants. Some of the symptoms of aluminum toxicity include; headaches, heartburn, flatulence, memory loss just to mention a few. So are you going to prevent body odor and sweats at the expense of your health? There must be an alternative to these antiperspirants that work well and are not harmful to our bodies.

So what next after ditching aluminum-based deodorants?

I know it’s hard to imagine getting out of the house without deodorants. But if you are cautious about your health, then definitely a solution will be found.

Use an aluminum-free deodorant

Luckily, more and more companies are producing deodorants without this component. Some of these brands are Malin + Goetz and PiTrok. Dove also has several aluminum-free deodorants in their line of products, like 0% Aluminum Original Roll-on Deodorant. For more suggestions of deodorants without aluminum check out this list.

Make your own natural deodorant
Here are some of the DIY home remedies that can be used to prevent body odor from sweats.

Lemon juice

Squeeze some lemon juice into your palm and rub it in your underarms. The citric acid will kill the bacteria that causes bad odor.

Hand sanitizer

Pour some on your palm then rub it in your armpits. The alcohol in it will kill the bacteria causing bad odor.

Baking powder and cornstarch

Mix some baking powder and cornstarch and dust the mixture in your underarm. This will absorb wetness and prevent bad odor because the environment will not be fit for bacteria to survive.

Coconut oil

It has an antibacterial agent that will help you fight bacteria causing bad odor in your underarm

Witch Hazel

It has some natural ingredients and antibacterial agent that will help you keep off bad odor by killing the bacteria in your underarm.
So you can resist aluminum-based deodorants and save your health with this DIY home remedies!

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