What is the correlation between your thoughts and illness? There are good thoughts and bad thoughts or good feelings and bad feelings. Where are you most often?

Law of attraction is like gravity. It is everywhere. Gravity is so basic , so important that life as we know it would not exist without it. Every child learns about it at school as soon they are capable of understanding the concept. Many of you might even recall the question the teacher asked you as a child. What falls to the ground faster a ton of feathers or a ton of rocks? They get there at the same time!

Yet, how many of you know the basics of law of attraction? Unlike gravity, our existence does not depend on law of attraction, but our lives can be joyous and illness free, rather than filled with sadness and disease with an awareness of the law.

A basic rule of the law of attraction states that whatever you think and focus on long enough will manifest. Actually, as soon as you begin a thought you activate this law.

Even though I was familiar with the law of attraction from my time as an Olympic athlete, and I used it successfully to become an Olympic medalist, it never really darned on me the full impact of this principle. It was not until I became sick, and stayed ill for many years that a health care provider told me I was making myself sick emotionally.

Emotions vary widely, but they can be separated as good feelings or bad feelings. When you think of your illness, what kinds of thoughts dominate your life? Are you a complainer? Are you a victim that feels no control in your life? Are you in a place of prolonged grief and sadness? Do you violate your values often, but ignore the bad feelings? Are you lonely and isolated? Maybe you are in a bad marriage. Been violated in some manner?

Do you believe that because your parents had a life threatening disease or illness you too will get it? Did you get it? That was the manifestation of illness brought on by fear. Every belief you hold is a thought. One that you think constantly, until it becomes your truth.

How was I making myself sick emotionally? After suffering from bronchitis (doctor’s diagnosis), for several years, exhausting all medical options, and receiving all the antibiotics that the doctors could give me, I began thinking something was wrong. I had the belief that only doctors had the solution, and with that belief I remained sick. It never occurred to me that my belief was just my way to constantly thinking. At no time did I even reflect on thinking different thoughts.

However, as a results oriented person, when the benefits I was seeking were not manifesting, I began looking for alternatives. I found an allergist, and it was revealed I was allergic to dust and pollen. He also told me that I did not have bronchitis, because it should have resolved itself by now, as I was extremely healthy.

He suggested my issue was psychological. He asked me to look back into my past and see if I could find any reasons that I was holding sadness, resentment, grief and so on. I thought he was out there, and pretty much ignored him. I just did not want to believe that I was somehow responsible for my illness. Was it my fault?

That season I got sick again, and this time it was so bad I thought I was going to die. Again I was given antibiotics. I was heading into year 5 of illness.

I was now desperate, and recalled what the allergist told me. Desperation was not a good place to be, but now I was in action mode. I began looking back at some of the emotional issues I might have been harbouring. And yes, I realized I felt a sense of betrayal. As a drug free athlete, I felt I never received the recognition I deserved, because so many of the athletes in my day were cheating. It was a deep seated hurt.

I had now found my bad feeling emotion. It did not matter that my situation was unfair. What mattered was it had now back fired on me, and I was sick. I began to look at the situation differently and with understanding. I now had the awareness that my thoughts were making me sick.

Emotions are vibrations. According to the law of attraction, you attract the vibration you are offering. When I became aware of what I was doing, I began looking or offering different emotions or feelings. Instead of feeling betrayal or sadness, I looked at the fact that I won an Olympic medal, and no one could take that away from me. I had achieved great success and was proud of my accomplishments.

A few months later a friend that I had not spoken to for years contacted me and told me there was a product I should check out. I was now open to this information, and actively searching for a solution. The product had many benefits, including helping to resolve lung issues. I tried it, and about 5 months later, I noticed I did not get bronchitis that season. I never had a bout of bronchitis again. In fact as the years went by, I noticed that people were getting sick around me, and I never got sick. Crazy!

Was it the product or my thoughts that made me feel better? Both. I believe a shift in my thoughts allowed a good product into my experience. The law of attraction never fails and is everywhere at all times, operating whether we know it or not. I was now offering better emotions, and thus better vibrations. The result was products and services that operate at a higher vibration could enter my life.

In conclusion that is my story. What is yours? Take a good look at your life, what is your constant thought pattern ? Belief? How long have you been vibrating in that place? Every person on the planet is an emotional vibrating being. We are all spiritual and energetic life forms. For that matter, everything on planet earth is vibrating at some level, every product, every service, and every inanimate object. And when one of these things impacts your life, it is because you attracted it. Yes, even accidents.

However no matter what disease or ailment you have right now, be it cancer, tumours or some chronic disease, you can begin to change the direction of the issue right now with better thinking. Just change your belief? Do not stubbornly hold on to thoughts and ideas that no longer serve you. Pick one happy thought and focus on it all day and feel the difference in your day. Yes life is not fair. Bad things happen to good people. Now you know better, you can think better. All the good that you deserve right now, even improving health is waiting for you just by thinking good feeling thoughts.

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Angela Bailey is a certified healing hands practitioner and success coach practicing in the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is also a lawyer and Olympic Medalist. Her clientele is wide ranging and includes recreational, national, and world ranked athletes, celebrities, authors, dancers, business people, and many others.

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