Mobile App development continues its phenomenal impact over the global audience. If one takes a deeper look, there is an app for just about anything and no wonder, there would be more and more apps being planned, across the business hemisphere. This trend is prompting entrepreneurs to increasingly look for efficient mobile app development companies, who can meet their specific requirements.

But, with increase in demand, comes various questions with respect to sourcing the best available talent, quality, time constraints and budget. These factors play an important role in companies looking for alternatives and one of them is outsourcing their requirements. And as a result, offshore development has gained prominence.

While as much as offshore developers continue to be in demand and the search for the best offshore development team continues, it would be interesting to find out, whether it is worth the exercise, in the first place or not. In other words, is hiring offshore mobile app developers, a boon or a bane to the company?

Knowing the Offshore Development Partner

Though most of the startups and emerging companies are looking at outsourcing their requirements, the experience of outsourcing the projects to mobile app developers abroad is completely different. Hiring an offshore development team can have mixed results for entrepreneurs. This only signifies that choosing the best offshore development partner can be a very challenging decision as it involves investing efforts, time and money.

Coming straight to the point, there are few important factors, which can help you as an organization, before taking this important decision on outsourcing. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Different Time zone

There is every possibility that businesses are choosing their offshore development partners, who could be in a different time zone. As such, communicating with offshore mobile app developers becomes a major issue. This could be more challenging when a large time, spread across different time zones, is working on a single project. The solution to this problem could be as simple as hiring mobile app developers whose time zone nearly matches with the entrepreneur’s time zone.

Different Languages

A Very important factor which could play a decisive role in your decision making is language. It is imperative to know in the beginning itself about the language comfort with the offshore development team. Some knowledge about a commonly spoken language, which is English, might help, but with offshore developers, without knowledge of English, it could be a real test as it becomes arduous to make developers understand the requirement and know how they have applied the things in reality.

Cultural difference

With people across the globe following different life style practices, it would be good adapt to those practices and work to the comfort of the offshore developers. Though mobile app development is a completely professional thing, when it comes to target audience in a specific country, adding a sense of localization, to your product is very important. Hence, hiring offshore developers needs a look in at the cultural difference between two countries in question, to a greater depth.


Choosing a good offshore development centre depends the most on pricing models. In fact, the major reason for companies, to hire offshore mobile app developers is budgetary restrictions. At the same time, care needs to be taken not to compromise on quality, to ensure low costs. After all, it’s the quality of the offshore developers combined with the final product, which also matters as equally as the cost. On more thing, the additional taxes should not be overlooked as some nations charge quite high and it may prove to be expensive to hire offshore developers. Check everything before you zero in the choice to any.


Every company claims to have the experience of developing the fast, secure and user friendly mobile apps, using cutting edge technology and showcase their capabilities.However, assessing the type of work they have done like- code quality is very important. Quality can play a huge role in deciding how to balance your decision between costs and hiring an offshore development team. A local consultant, who will evaluate the back end of the projects and take the technical interview of the development team, will do a world of good for the companies.

The Bottom Line

Though there are certain challenges in choosing the best offshore development partner, there is a brighter side attached to it. The decision to hire an offshore development team is hugely influenced by few factors like shared responsibilities, more intense focus on the work on hand and better resources. However, the entrepreneurs still would do themselves a world of good, by being tactful in making their decisions. You have the required data and the downsides of outsourcing overseas in front of you. Weigh up the aspects catering your needs and the services you will get. Make a tactful decision to ensure that the company’s geographic region won’t impact the quality and the result you seek at the end.

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