Are they really a Master? Have they been through all the five steps to mastery themselves? Or are they just pretending?

Do They Have the Wisdom of Experience?
An author who has no experience lacks credibility, his articles have no authenticity. Yet his pretense of expertise is not necessarily very obvious; just like politicians, he may even seem convincing. Teenagers, the young just out of college, even university professors without any practical experience are in this category. The blind teaching the blind...

This explains why so many published articles have no depth: their authors have no experience. Although anybody can write their opinion about anything, the secret of success is to see that being informed about it only allows them to write about it. They have no wisdom because they have no experience of doing it themselves. Wisdom is personal, it can't be given or learned, and that which is given is never wisdom.

If someone substitutes emotion for experience, as do many people both young and old when passionately involved in a cause, their passion can hoodwink a lot of people. Yet if they lack experience how can they have the wisdom that comes with experience? As Sir Winston Churchill, heroic British statesman and historian, famously said: "A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject."

Did They Actually Write It?
Even worse, some authors think numbers of articles are what's important, so they buy articles written by others, change a word or two, and then publish them under their own name. Although this is legal, such self sabotage is very close to plagiarism - pretending someone else's work is actually your own.

The person putting their name on such an article untruthfully pretends he's the author - deliberate deception. If he's so lacking in integrity that he sees no problem here, how reliable will other information from him be? At best, he only knows about it rather than speak from experience. Why take the chance?

Mistaking quantity for quality, at least one personal growth site self sabotages by encouraging such misrepresentation. They mistakenly follow dictator Adolf Hitler's disastrous policy: the end justifies the means. Fortunately, Google seem to have made changes to counter-act and hopefully eliminate this highly deceitful practice.

Is He a Politician?
Politicians are professionally trained masters of persuasion. Yet to lead, a politician need expertise in economics and leadership rather than persuasion.

If a politician is promising freebies at someone else's expense, then run a mile. He thinks misleading you is the best way to get your vote. Yes, he can pass laws to do this in the short-term, but such a policy is unsustainable. In the long-term, there is indeed no free lunch.

If he's promising to create more jobs, then check into his party's track-record. Have things improved since he took office or while they were last in power? But even this promise avoids the real secret of success. Do you really want a job? Or would you rather become wealthy so you're free and don't need a job?

You'll change your life by asking: Does he have any experience of creating wealth? If the answer's no, or if he's just worked in the public sector, he can't have gained any such experience. Do his policies promote or destroy freedom? If they interfere with your freedom to create, he actually just wants power.

Is She a Master?
If your awareness has grown sufficiently, you can see when an author has experience, your intuition tells you her writing is true before you know how or why. When what she says needs no study, its truth is obvious, then she's on her way to mastery. Such articles have a deeper understanding that speaks to you, they have a certain ring to them, the ring of truth.

This suggests that a Master can identify problems in your thinking and your context - she has experience as well as authentic knowing. She totally understands that you're not necessarily wrong, just how much your current perspective is limited. So change your life: read, listen, understand, get experience, and take your own steps to mastery.

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Food for Thought
"Beware of Greeks bearing gifts."
- Ancient proverb. Allusion by Virgil to the wooden horse which smuggled invading Greek soldiers into the city of Troy.

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