Is Cerebral Science the Ultimate Cure for Disease?
Each year the Medical Science Industry along with countless Endowment Funds, Colleges and corporations spend billions upon billions of dollars, yens and Euros seeking wonder pills and cure all witches brews. No matter the currency being spent, the medical community is expanding while aliments and diseases continue to expand each and every day with it. While the effort to find cures is both admirable and currently worthwhile, the cost of health care, doctors and corporate involvement Research and Development also known as R & D, is making health care unaffordable for many Americans, let alone people living in second and third world nations.

Man appears to be his own worst enemy as we live in a world filled with self-produced by-products and contaminates. In response to these self-created ills, we attempt to cure our aliments with hit and miss drugs. A real Catch-22. These miracle drugs while concocted to produce cures for a multitude of aliments and diseases, more often than not seem to produce a litany of horrible side effects and in some situations, even death. We ingest these drugs in good faith, believing that which ails us can be either cured or at best utilized to reduce the side effects. Of course, there are those diseases we just have not found an answer to and in our present state of mind, may never achieve victory. Now with the event of "The Affordable Health Care Act", better known as Obamacare looms on the horizon we are beginning to realize we are truly caught between a rock and a hard place. The health care industrial complex is out of control and there has to be a better solution.
I agree there is a need for a medical community, doctors and support staff in order to provide short and long term services,. These current medical services are essential based on current medical practice and direction. However, I believe there is a better pathway to both physical and mental health and this important area left unexplored by the medical community is what I refer to as "Cerebral Science". Cerebral Science is devoted to the study of and advancement of cerebral healing through spiritual methodology. Wonder why we haven't heard much of Cerebral Science?

The reason we presently have a lack of a field devoted to Cerebral Science? Most professionals within the medical profession walk a very narrow line. This line has been imposed by their peers since creation of the science of medicine and is a protection against outside influences. As the world has grown in communication and opportunity to share ideas and concepts, the medical industry holds onto the axiom of "toe the line" or be drawn and quartered and excommunicated. Harsh, yes but a necessity in order to maintain law and order and profitability. While there has been some minimal research, most comes from a scientific viewpoint based on physical world criteria. Enough said pertaining to our current medical dilemma. Let's address the future.

Cerebral Science I believe will be the future methodology when pertaining to curing such problems as cancers, blood pressure and other physical issues. Cerebral Science will be so far advanced in relation to today's medical science as today's science compared to medieval times and their crude aliment and disease cures. It will not be, at least initially for open wounds, broken bones or other immediate injuries. However, for other aliments or diseases the body through spiritual connection working in conjunction with the brain will produce solutions without side effects experienced by today's cure methods.

We have seen in its most limited form, a slowdown of blood flow to where one could not feel a pulse. Or a cut and witnessing a reduced or completely stopped blood flow. Other examples include physic surgery by use of just the human touch. These feats of magic have normally been conducted by individuals trained in high spiritual meditation and self-hypnosis and represents a very small percentage of the human race. With that said, I contend even having one of these feats accomplished just once opens the door to the possibility of a future science with unlimited potential. Image at its extreme, Cerebral Science increasing the physical world lifespan or offer the ability to inter-change physical bodies or even grow missing limbs, eyes and diseased human organs.

This Cerebral Science does have and will continue to have issue with the medical community and the religious community. Why? Simply, each are embedded in learned stimuli and response. No organization or group desires change unless they are accepted and included into the new venture. Like the Oil Companies and their relationship to solar power. Fracking didn't happen overnight, but has grown with acceptance by Big Oil and the profits attributable to them. As to religion, never attack mankind's promise to an belief in a Supreme Being and an afterlife. I concur as I am very religious and believe God intended us to seek, grow and achieve. Raised as a Catholic I have very distinct beliefs, ingrained over decades. However, I believe I have been given an insight into the overall picture and believe God has given us the ability to self-determine and to accomplish the impossible. We read in Scripture of 400 plus year old men walking the earth. Something unheard of in today's world. Yes, an accomplishment in times of little to no medicines but a time where man could practice meditation and a closeness to God. As Cerebral Science relies on such tools as meditation and hypnosis and possibly other forms of mental sciences the spirit, soul or your Essence God has created is the number one key for success.

Finally, who decides on the issue of Cerebral Science? It will be those with both an open mind and a directed effort to find that place deep within the Essence we call our spirit or soul. Everyone has such but connecting to that targeted place will take research and dedicated effort for success. These people will be those on the edge of their particular science or field of study who have a vision of something more just lying on the other side of the edge. When found, mankind may be given the addition time required to grow their Essence through total enlightenment and move that much closer to God.
W. Richard Hoffman

Author's Bio: 

Studier of both Eastern and Western religions, spiritually and the relationship between the physical and spiritual world. Researcher of Reincarnation and the relationship between past life experiences and aliments and the current life cycle. Developed the concept of "The You" as a directed, self-help program to addresses issues such as life directions, life mission and the Essence.