Well as reported by Rolling Stones magazine some music companies are spending up to $100.000 per day which "can result in more than 12 million additional views for a new song". They are mostly using YouTube's advertising platform Adwords and a TrueView video ad format. These are the usually in-stream ads which you close after couple of seconds, but the sponsors will pay for the ad only if 30 seconds have elapsed. That's enough to be counted as a view.

They however reach other parties and website in order to buy YouTube views, likes and subscribers. It is because Adwords is very strict on copyright, nudity, gambling, and some videos can't even get pass a campaign approval and it usually takes a long time to master this technique. You need to be able to do a good campaign management in the terms of audience targeting or you'll get very bad and expensive results. As an individual you usually don't have that kind of money to spend on your YouTube content that is fresh new - and far from being able to monetize it yet.

How To Buy YouTube Views Cheap?

If you are an individual looking to boost your YouTube videos, there are a couple of good websites that sell YouTube views at affordable prices. You don't need to have a big budget and go crazy on this. We are talking about 1,000 views for $2, and the same price for 50 likes.

You just provide your YouTube video link, sit back and watch viewers flowing in.

Too good to be true? Well the truth is your video will benefit from the new views and rank higher in search results. On the other hand most of these viewers won't engage into discussion, subscribe or like your video. If you want your video to become popular in a specific country you should buy geo-targeted YouTube views. That way all viewers will be from example United States.

Best Website To Buy YouTube Views?

Like the Medium community suggests the best websites to buy YouTube views are GetFans.io and QQtube.

While GetFans are a bit pricier their service quality is the highest in the industry. QQtube is the oldest website to sell YouTube views and is famous for it's cheap prices and fast delivery. They have an automated system so the orders are started the same hour. Both websites provide high retention YouTube views which means high watch time on your videos. YouTube finds it extremely important as it shows if your video is interesting or not. If yes it will show it to more viewers and this is the free organic traffic.

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