One is just about sure to have heard about millets or may even have tried out millets at some time in the past. But it very often happens that people are caught unaware of the qualities that this food grain is possessed with.

Nutrition content of millets may take one by surprise. If one makes millets a part of one's daily diet, it comes with a host of benefits for one's health.

1. Millets Are Easy To Digest

High alkaline content in millets ensures that these are easy to digest. Millets are also known to induce healthy weight loss.

2. A Fine Way To Control Diabetes

With a high level of fibers and low sugar levels, millets help control diabetes.

For maintaining consistent blood sugar levels, millets are the option to go for. Millets and finger millet in particular have been shown to keep one's blood sugar levels at its healthiest. With its high content of complex carbohydrates, it works by reducing starch digestion and absorption.

Millets are whole grain food grains, and are digested slowly by the body. So they do not spike the blood sugar levels, and are an excellent food for diabetics. Glycemic index of millets is lower as compared to wheat and rice.

3. A Way Towards Youthfulness

Millets are high in collagen. This keeps the skin elastic and keeps you looking young.

4. Rich In Minerals

Millets are rich in a host of minerals which are required for health and well being. These are in the right proportion and are present in an ingestible format. Some of these minerals include phosphorus, potassium, iron and calcium.

As one goes for a food such as millets, there may be no need to go for mineral supplements!

5. High In Protein

Protein value of millets is exceptionally high. These are also rich in amino acids tryptophan and cystine.

Millet acts as a vegetarian friendly source of protein. While its protein value is similar to that of unprocessed wheat, millet is a richer source of essential amino acids. Roasting millets has been shown to retain most of its protein value.

6. Probably the Best Grain to Soothe Your Mood!

Millets are high in serotonin, which has a positive effect on one's mood. It works towards calming one's mind.

7. Millets Are A Great Food For The Heart

Consumption of millets gives a significant boost to one's cardiovascular health, mainly owing to their high percentages of dietary fibres. Alternately, millets contain a higher percentage of carbohydrates (fibers) and lignins which are extremely beneficial for one's vascular health.

8. Millets Let You Find The Entire Nutritional Value Of A Foodgrain!

Millets are whole grain cereals and this ensures that they retain their entire nutritional value. It makes millets richer in minerals and micronutrients.

The Right Way to Consume Millets:

Millets are a much loved food in India. There is also a substantial demand for the food grain in western countries. There are thousands of millets recipes which are very common in India. Nutritionists often recommend that one must try out single millet at a time instead of mixing them all together.

Even while there are innumerable millets dishes to try out, it is recommendable to swap one meal everyday for a dish made from millets, and that would help you achieve the best results for great health and well being.

As you build proximity nature, you come to realize that it is natural resources which withhold the key to eternal health and wellness. Welcome to the Goa Wellness Festival, 2018. We look forward to facilitate a delightful enlightening experience for every one of our esteemed guests.

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