If you are facing obstacles that are stopping you from living the life you desire, you need to LOVE THEM TO DEATH !

In the presence of love, obstacles melt away. Literally LOVE is the force that will destroy every obstacle standing in your way. This is because "Faith worketh by love".Gal 5:6

Most of the time when we try to tackle a problem in our life, whether it be financial lack, sickness, relationship breakdowns, or any kind of trouble, in trying to change it, we are usually focused on all the negative aspects of the problem. As we focus on these negative aspects, instead of feeling confident and powerful, we feel terrible, weak and afraid. So the force that's actually emanating from us is usually fear, worry, resentment or hatred. These forces are defenitely not love, and are never going to change that situation positively, in fact they are going to add to it and strengthen it in it's negativeity.

You may think this what you should be doing, because you think you have got to address the situation to change it. But this the last thing you should be doing.


So what is love ?

LOVE, to have passionate desire and affection for.

LOVE, an intense emotion of affection.

PASSION, ardent love or affection, intense love.

PASSION, strong affection or enthusiasm for an object or concept. *Oxford dictionary

If you have had trouble getting your faith to work for you, or you have had some problem that you just can't seem to move, remember the way you have been feeling when you think about the situation your trying to change.

If you have been trying for a while and that situation has not changed, I guarantee, it's because of your negative feelings.

You need to find ways of thinking and speaking about that situation that bring forth positive feelings.

The more positive feeling, ie. LOVE. The more POWER.

The more power, the quicker the change.

A lot of the time when we think we are addressing a problem, we are actually just worrying about it. So it will help just to forget it altogether and focus on something that's going well in life.

Just by not adding to the problem with your negative emotion you will see a change take place. Then after focusing on what's working in your life and thinking good feeling thoughts for a while, you may feel you can address the problem in a new way that stimulates a positive feeling.

Now when you can think of that negative situation and feel excitement, power, enthusiasm or peace, you are FEELING THE POWER OF LOVE, and faith worketh by love.


Author's Bio: 

Shayne Hammond is a faith teacher and life coach who donates his time free of charge to assist those that know they are capable of achieving more than they are currently experiencing, but don't know how to go about it. Please visit shaynehammond.com to learn more.