Irene, Mary, and Me
By Anna Pavlakis

I have a friend who once said, “why is it that whenever there’s some kind of severe weather coming, people suddenly want to make French toast?,” referring to the mad rush to buy milk, eggs and bread before a storm. I laugh, but there’s a point there: we want to be comforted when we feel threatened by something we can’t control. Extreme weather is the ultimate equalizer. No matter what economic class you may belong to, chances are when there’s a big storm coming, you’re going to feel vulnerable. Most people simply go into fear; hence the hordes of people descending upon the supermarkets for milk, eggs, bread… foods of our childhoods, foods that make us feel comforted and nurtured. We revert to the time when mommy and daddy would make whatever scared us go away, and make us feel safe again.

So, with Hurricane Irene bearing down upon the East Coast, a day away from hitting New York City, I joined my fellow citizens at the supermarket, though I did not, actually, buy any milk, eggs or bread; rather I bought party food for the housewarming party that I postponed at the last minute. The shelves were cleared of bottled water, except flavored seltzer water, and the nearby businesses were busy boarding up their windows, preparing for the worst, hoping for a reprieve from mighty Mother Nature.

While I wasn’t eating French toast, I felt a strange urge to go on and watch TV shows from my childhood, the Bob Newhart Show and the Mary Tyler Moore show, whose theme song says: “Love is all around no need to waste it…you’re going to make it after all.” I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I started to watch that and really listen to that song. The frequency of that message was already being broadcast by the group of lightworkers I am stationed in the New York grid with to assist the earth and the human race to move through the shifts we are experiencing with minimum damage and maximum grace.

Using the protocol I had been taught, I spent the morning and afternoon as the hurricane approached in meditation, connecting to Irene, blending with her, and asking her to please consider the destruction her current path and strength could cause, and whether she could take that power and energy and direct it in a way that, instead of hurting people and causing catastrophic damage, could be used to transform the consciousness of the planet and co-create the New Earth with us. The response I received from her felt something like, “hmm… I’m not sure yet. Let me think about it. I’m here to change things. I am an agent of change. Things must change on this planet. People need to wake up. I do not wish to hurt anyone.” The energy of Irene felt surprisingly gentle and loving. I ‘m not sure what I expected, but it wasn’t such gentleness and genuine concern that I not go into fear. I felt enveloped in a warm, loving embrace, and I just knew that whatever happened was happening out of great love for us and the planet. I created several shields of protection around my apartment, the house I live in, the property, and the entire town. The intention I held very strongly was that no harm whatsoever would befall the house or anyone in it, that the neighborhood, despite being close to the water, would not flood, and everyone in the area would be safe
After a cozy dinner and more Mary Tyler Moore, I went to sleep with the wind howling outside, feeling safe though wondering what I would wake up to.

What I awoke to find was the rebirth of the entire grid. The air felt fresh and clear and clean, water was rushing through the drainpipes, my backyard was untouched except for a few fallen leaves, and there was a newness in the air that at first was hard to understand. I took a walk later in the day and met a woman who was taking photos of the scene, documenting it. She told me that everyone she had met that day had been very friendly and talkative. People felt bonded together, grateful, and joyful.

In the ensuing weeks, we have seen this energy continue to manifest in New York City, and, indeed, all over the world. People have joined together, awake and alive and motivated, to stand up and let their voices be heard. There is a powerful movement occurring, and it is not going away; instead it is spreading all over the country and all over the world. This movement says, “Hey! You’ve been asleep, waiting for mommy and daddy to come and fix everything for you. The time has come to awaken and stand up and let your voices be heard. You are powerful. You matter. You can create this change. You are loved and worthy of this love, and you deserve to have all the blessings that this beautiful planet provides.” Yeah, love really is all around, and we are going to make it, because when we blend with that love, nothing is more powerful.

Author's Bio: 

Anna Pavlakis is an Integrated Soul Healer, Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor, Channel, Feng Shui Consultant, Celestial Light Healer, Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner, and Teacher. Anna's mission is to be a conscious caretaker and steward of the planet, to awaken, heal and guide others so that they may realize their fullest Divine potential and role in Gaia's evolution, in order to manifest the Golden Age of the new Ascended Earth.

Anna has given workshops at Aveda, the A.R.E., the NY Theosophical Society, East-West Living, and the Alignment Center, and has appeared on the Staten Island cable TV show "Second Sight". She has done live channelings at Wesak 2010 and 2011 In NYC and Hancock, NY, and has done readings at the Theosophical Society's Psychic Fairs, the Divine Star Wellness Fair at the A.R.E., and other events.