Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking? Can you discover if they have aches and pains, they want you to know about? Are they happy or sad? Do they care about what they eat, or are they willing to eat whatever you feed them? The answers to these questions are available to you, when you know how to intuitively tune into your animals.

Take dogs for example. When you are able to tune into your dog, you can determine what he/she is not only asking for but in need of, such as certain foods and nutrition.

Like humans, animals want to communicate but are not always able to for obvious reasons, with language being the main barrier.

For example, there are times when certain foods are good for them, and later, those same foods may bother them. They want you to know this, but how do we realize what they are trying to tell us?

With the intention to do so, you can develop the ability to “hear” what your animals are saying and asking for.

When I first discovered my own ability to “tune into” animals, it was shortly after Dr. Bruce Nelson and I were married. Dr. Bruce, a very accomplished chiropractor, was also working on horses as well as pets like dogs and cats. This was new to me. I was really impressed that he could work with animals as well as humans.

The process was simple. He would place his hands on the animal and begin muscle testing himself as a surrogate for the animal. This allowed him to “tune in” to the animal’s needs. Often there was a problem with a misalignment of bones or muscles, yet it could be issues like trapped emotions, toxins and other imbalances.

Bruce was called to the local fairgrounds by the owner of a winning racehorse who had developed a bad limp. The chestnut colored mare was in a barn stall, head hanging low, favoring a front leg as she was led out of the stall.

Through muscle testing Bruce found that the horse’s leg and some vertebrae bones of the spine were out of alignment. He was able to correct the horse’s sore leg and back through very gentle energy healing. To my astonishment after he treated the horse, she raised her head and gently laid it on his chest as if to give him a warm hug. It was a memorable moment.

After this experience many years ago, I learned how to use energy healing with animals and human clients. I became interested in finding out what foods Bruce’s patients needed for healing their energy, which led me to asking the same questions for animals. Do animals have special food needs, or is every dog going to thrive on whatever is poured into their bowl?

Fast forward to today. In my book, The Food Codes, I show you how to use muscle test, to find the best foods for yourself, your family and friends, including your animal friends.

Tuning IN to Your Intuition

With a simple yet profound technique called muscle testing you can tune in to your intuition.

We’ve all heard of dog and horse whisperers. In essence, these gifted people have cultivated the ability to get very quiet and centered to tune into what the animal is wanting to communicate and what it’s needs are. With muscle testing you can be your own animal communicator and find what your pet or animal wants and needs as well as their best foods.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with many different types of animals including horses, dogs, cats, turtles, all kinds of domestic animals and many wild animals. I’ve worked with wolves and even a rattlesnake! As a human companion you can discover what your animals need and give them improved care.

It’s simply about establishing an easy connection with the animal through muscle testing. Most humans who have animal companions are already deeply connected. Muscle testing allows them to have deeper relationship by tapping into their animal’s true needs.

The amazing thing is with muscle testing you don’t have to even touch the animal. You simply intend that you are testing for them. It makes sense that you can do this with a cuddly pet but how would you do this for other animals like a wolf or a rattlesnake?

A great example would be someone who lives in a rural community who owns horses, sheep, cows, or other animals. Some animals are not easily caught or might be dangerous. Whether the animals are fenced in a pasture or in a cage, the person can set the intention to tune into any animal to find physical problems or discover any needs including best foods and nutrition.

Quantum Physics and Remote Healing

As strange as it might seem to some people, we are all moving vibrating molecules of energy. Every kind of food also has molecules of energy. Many people are becoming aware of this fact.

You may have heard of energy healing; this can be applied to animals as well as humans. This is what quantum physics is about. Whether it is discovering a vibrating energy of a trapped emotion or wanting to know what an animals best nutritional needs are, it’s about tapping into this intuition energy. Muscle testing is a very easy method which many people are using to do this.

This type of connection empowers you to be your pet or animals’ best caretaker possible.

When I first began this type of work, I had no idea where it would lead. Now I work with people on six of the seven continents. I do not meet with them in person, but rather I work with them remotely. It is very common for me to work remotely with their “fur babies” and other animals too.
This article came from an interview with Liz Muroch, Talking With the Dogs. Enjoy the full interview and more about how I work with animals.


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