Intuition is knowing without knowing how you know. It’s that flash of insight you get about something.

You’re an intuitive being, even though you might think you’re not.

Some people are more in touch with their intuitive self than others, but we all have similar innate abilities. The more you raise your consciousness and let go of ego, logic, and judgment, as well as catabolic emotions like fear, the more you’ll be able to tap into your intuition.

You can practice developing your intuitive qualities by taking time to clear your mind and by being still and just listening. Remember to trust yourself. You know more than you believe you do. So, when you have an intuitive hit (idea, sense, etc.), tune into the feeling of it. What does it feel like? (Don’t think about it; just focus on the feeling.)

If your intuition is about another person, after they give you permission, share that thought or idea (your intuitive hit). If your intuition is about you, just journal your ideas. In the case of the former, ask that person for feedback to see how accurate you are. If you were right on, catalog that experience and feeling by writing it down. The next time you get an intuitive hit, feel how close it is to the first feeling, and then test it again.

Keep cataloging your experiences and deciphering the differences. With enough practice, you’ll be able to decipher your intuition from other random thoughts and emotions.

Author's Bio: 

Bruce D Schneider, MCC, PhD, is the founder of the world renowned Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), and the author of the bestseller Energy Leadership: Transforming Your Workplace and Your Life from the Core, and Relax, You're Already Perfect. He is the innovator of a groundbreaking theory of consciousness levels, the much-talked-about Energy Leadership Index assessment, and the creator of the transformational Core Energy Coaching(TM) Process.

Bruce is often referred to as a modern day philosopher whose seemingly endless insights are thought-provoking and transformational. A powerful, entertaining, and charismatic speaker, his seminars, keynotes, workshops, and coaching sessions have helped countless others transform their lives.

Bruce is a Master Certified Coach, Licensed Psychotherapist, and a pioneer and innovator in the fields of professional coaching and human potential. These are just a few of Bruce D Schneider's accomplishments... and this is how he got here. Bruce's life was virtually over at age 18. In 1978, a late-evening highway encounter with a drunk driver left him on his deathbed. Miraculously, he not only survived this horrific accident, but against all odds, went on to a complete recovery. Why?

This is the question that has motivated him for more than 25 years through the study of psychology, coaching, hypnotherapy, metaphysical research, quantum physics, spiritual teachings, and decades of deep meditation. Through this journey, Bruce found his answers, and his purpose: "My role and gift in life is not to teach, preach, or convince anyone of anything. I am here to empower others to get their own answers, access their true dreams, and overcome anything that gets in the way of making those dreams a reality."