The introvert myth continues to perpetuate possibly because of the use of the word most often as a noun, not a verb. Let's first look at how we commonly use the word as a noun to label people and then on to why the negativity of it just doesn't hold up to any truth.

Did you know that introvert and extrovert, the words, are actually verbs too? Yes; we introvert and extrovert, all day long. That being the case, neither is better than the other. It's simply action. At work or in your life at times we find ourselves - researching, planning, writing, editing - all introverting actions. At other times we will be - making a presentation, attending a business event, entertaining friends at home, speaking to a group - all extroverting actions. The list can go on: introverting includes reading, gardening, thinking, listening; extroverting includes sports games, traveling with others, group discussions.

Introvert actions are usually done by oneself while extroverting includes others. We have a preference along the continuum that is occurring all day long. We have that preference because it is an innate brain preference which directs where on the continuum of these actions we will have the most energy and stamina in those actions.

Consider the brainstorming perspective. "Brainstorming or bouncing ideas around aloud excite me," is an extraverting way of solving a problem. The out loud sharing process energizes an extrovert. Given a choice, the introvert would prefer to use analysis and thinking to come up with solutions. The next time someone passes on the first round of brainstorming, they may be more introverted. But after some internal think time, the introvert is ready to contribute. It's an introvert and extrovert approach to the same activity.

If you know with certainty, because of your energy sensitivity or an assessment test, then while you may say, "I am an introvert," you say it because you know where you prefer to be on the behaving continuum or spectrum - action line. The truth is - everyone has a preference of whether they get more fulfillment from introverting or extroverting. That preference from the verb form is what then can make you a card carrying introvert or extrovert. It's about energy; nothing more and nothing else.

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