Making an introvert-extrovert relationship work is quite achievable. After all, don’t opposites attract? But as fun as dealing with someone different from you is, there are times when two people just don’t see eye to eye.

Is there a way to keep conflict under control in such a situation? What can people do to manage an introvert-extrovert relationship? To learn about a few helpful suggestions, read on!

Tip # 1: Respect Each Other’s Strengths.

As different as introverts and extroverts are, there must be respect between them. Both parties should learn to respect what the other has.

Introverts may be quiet, but they also tend to be more detail-oriented. Because they’re less likely to draw attention to themselves, they might see things that other people normally miss.

On the other hand, extroverts are the life of a party. They’re assertive and leave unforgettable impressions.

“Customize” your treatment with every person you know that is opposite of you. You’ll be surprised at how much better your relationship will become once you establish mutual respect.

Tip # 2: Understand Each Other’s Weaknesses.

A little patience goes a long way. To make an introvert-extrovert relationship work, both parties should know where the other is vulnerable - not because it is where they can strike hard, but because that is their cue to step in and help out.

Support is very important in any kind of relationship. Introverts may be less likely to mingle around at a party, so extroverts should help draw them out of their shell and introduce them to other people.

Extroverts, on the other hand, may have less time for reflection. Perhaps introverts could help them find a little bit of peace.

Tip # 3: Agree To Disagree.

More often than not, introverts and extroverts have subjects that they simply don’t agree on. In such a situation, there’s no better solution than to agree to disagree.

Arguing over who has a better idea or who is right won’t get anyone anywhere. All that will create is more conflict. By agreeing to disagree, each one is afforded a form of respect.

Begrudging as that may be at times, it’s still better than having to fight with each other when there's a difference of opinions or beliefs.

An introvert-extrovert relationship can be quite exciting. However, just like any other relationship out there, it has its ups and downs. The techniques suggested above may or may not be the cure all that you’re hoping for; but it will at least, diffuse some of the conflict.

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