Introduction To The Law Of Attraction

This Video Below Is For You If You Want To Learn About The Law Of Attraction, Are Ready To Create Positive Change In Your Life And Haven't Up Until Now.....

I shot this video above last week exclusively for my Facebook fans but am now releasing it to the Universe! If your still reading this after watching the video then the rest of this article is for you!

In this video I cover what the Law Of Attraction is, how I learned about the Law Of Attraction and how using it in my favor created wonderful things in my life! Before learning about how the Law Of Attraction works and how life works, I used to sabotage everything that was good in my life, I wasn't happy on the inside, I didn't think I was good enough to deserve good things or have healthy relationships. Growing up I always felt depressed and unhappy and didn't love myself so when I didn't feel like I was good enough, I felt like others didn't feel like I was good enough either. In relationships I would always blame the guy for not making me happy, but in reality it was me that was in charge of finding my own happiness, not the guy.

I learned later on that “I” was my own worst enemy! I brought everything upon myself and always blamed everyone else or the world for why things weren't going my way. I was focusing on what I didn't want and I was getting exactly what I didn't want. Wow.... I hated my current life situation at the time, but I kept myself in it for so long because at least I always knew what to expect and honestly, I was afraid of the unknown.

I finally hit rock bottom and was exhausted from making the same mistakes over and over again. My desire for positive change out weighed my desire to stay in the same rut. Around this time I learned about The Law Of Attraction, how it works, and how life works. I was attracted to public figures like Louise Hay, Esther Hicks, John Assaraf, Eckhart Tolle, And Joe Vitale who helped me start in the transformation of my new life. I went to workshops, read many books, attended seminars and tried to learn as much as I can from them and apply it to my own life.

Once I decided to apply what I had learned into my own life, wonderful things started to manifest and everything I was told about how I can re-wire my subconscious brain and feed it new information to make a positive transformation was spot on! I thought if I can really change my life by unblocking those subconscious obstacles that were preventing me from succeeding, I certainly can help a committed individual or a football stadium full of committed individuals who want to create positive changes in their lives!

At this point I left a great job “on paper” and decided to and became a Certified Law Of Attraction Based Life Coach and an Ordained Metaphysical Minister. I started my own business called YourJourney2Joy and currently offer individual and couples Law Of Attraction Based Life Coaching. It was a dream that started with little steps that turned into a reality. I have the passion to help committed people fill in the gap from where they are now in life to wear they want to be and help them create the reality of their dreams!

Since I have been a Certified Law Of Attraction Based Life Coach, I have helped many people to find their purpose in life, focus on their goals and achieve them, regain balance, quit smoking, start their own businesses with secrets I shared to help them save time and money along the way, attract healthy relationships, find inner happiness and love themselves for the first time in their life!

The whole point of this article is to tell you that anyone can make positive changes in their lives. It doesn't matter how young or old you are, it doesn't matter who you are or where you are in life. It is never to late to learn more about yourself and take action towards your dreams and make them a reality. So why not start today and lay down the ground work? When is now going to be the right time to start? Now is Now so start today!

If you would like to hire me to help you on your journey to joy, please visit me on the web to see my personal coaching details and schedule and appointment!

Author's Bio: 

My name is Reverend Jennie Reve-Almodovar. I am the Founder and President of YourJourney2Joy. I am a Certified Law Of Attraction Based Life Coach currently located in Queens, New York and an Ordained Metaphysical Minister. Just to give you some background about me, after 13 successful years in a Retail Loss Prevention/Asset Protection career, I finally decided after some contemplation that what I really yearned for was to live my life to the fullest, on "my own" terms, enjoy life and continue to appreciate how it works. I had a strong desire to do what I love to do which is studying and teaching The Law Of Attraction. A big part of my certification at the International College Of Metaphysical Theology was first learning a lot about myself, finding my inner joy, reaching unattainable goals, sticking to them and basically taking the fear and uncertainty I had inside me and replacing it with curiosity. Once I received my certification, I knew if I can accomplish this, I can certainly guide a willing individual on to the path of their own "Journey2Joy" and do it successfully. In just a few year's time I was able to manifest a number of wonderful and exciting experiences in my life that at one time I would never have dreamed would be possible! Life keeps getting better and better for me because the possibilities are now limitless!