We represent our thoughts through the five senses, or modalities: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory. Every experience has a structure, and the structure is formed through submodalities.

NLP submodalities simply are the manner in which we internally re-present the data gathered by our senses. According to NLP, our emotion will tend to change when the submodalities of the experiences in our mind or internal representation is changed.

The main function of submodalities patterns is for changing states. According to NLP, our emotion will be changed when the submodalities of the experiences in our mind or internal representation is changed.

Don’t believe it? Just try this exercise now: Close your eyes, and then recall an unhappy experience that you encountered lately. What kind of picture you can see now? Any sound? What is the feeling right now? Now, try to do the steps as below:
-Turn the sound louder and clearer
-Make the picture brighter and bigger
-The sizes of the people or the object that you are confronting are growing bigger and taller.
What is your feeling right now? I am sure the level of unhappiness should be increased.

Now, reverse the submodalities that we had done just now:
-Turn the sound off and more blur
-Make the picture into dim and smaller, and you are disassociating from the event.
-The sizes of the people or the object that you are confronting are becoming smaller and shorter.
Now, how the feeling right now is different from previous?
The unhappiness has been reduced!

Even more you can do with the submodalities, from the exercise above, keep going with adding some changes as below:
-Make the sound becoming the sound like the Donald Duck!
-The face of the people or the object in your picture has becoming a joker face!
-Instead of all the people and the object in your experience is doing something make you unhappy, they are now dancing the “River Dance” with funny short pants! Oh ya!

Again, how you feeling exactly now? I am pretty sure you are totally happy with smiling face and all the unhappy feeling all have gone.

This is exactly how the submodalities affect our emotion state anywhere, anytime, and after you have understand how these functioning, you can total choose the state you want in any how!

The main elements for Visual, Auditory & kinesthetic submodalities are listed as below:

Visual Submodalities:
Still or moving
Large or small
Monochrome or Color
Framed or panoramic
Far or close
Focused or Unfocused
Associated or Dissociated
Brightness or dimness
2D or 3D
Clear or fuzzy
Still or movie

Auditory Submodalities:
Loud or quiet
Mono / stereo
one or many
Fast or slow
high or low pitch
Number of Sounds
Soft or rasping

Kinesthetic Submodalities:
Rough or Smooth
Pressure, intensity
Hot or cold
Heavy or light
Breathing rate
Steady or intermittent
Strong or Weak

In summary, NLP submodalities is a very practical and powerful nlp technique, bu which it change our state almost instant. If you want, you can even “restructure” or “delete” all unhappy experience is just few minutes by using this techniques.

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