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This may not be the most timely post as we are entering into a feasting mode but it came up due to discussion with a dear friend of mine who asked me what I thought of Sadh Guru's discussion of intermittent fasting on FB. It took me a couple of days to watch the video he posted on his Facebook page but I was glad I did as I agreed with it totally. I was unaware that this is a yogic practice but it is one that I have intuitively done for all of my life.

His premise is that a minimum of an 8 hour span is necessary in order for your body to assimilate and metabolize the foods you eat. He emphatically states that all modern illness is due to overeating and that in 6 weeks these illnesses can be overcome by fasting intermittently. Sounds reasonable but is there any real science behind this?

Seems like there is:

#1 IF improves lipolysis, fat burning in the body. In fact, studies show that participants lose about 7% if their waist circumference. This is due to reductions in insulin and increases in growth hormone. Fasting can also decrease insulin levels and lower "bad" LDL cholesterol levels.

#2 IF may slow the aging process. According to research, IF keeps mitochondria in a youthful state, and literally rejuvenates our bodies.

#3 IF may be beneficial to skin disorders by triggering detoxification.

#4 Reduces inflammation, since inflammation is at the root of most chronic disease decreasing inflammation is extremely helpful in preserving and restoring health. Fasting controls the release of free radicals. IF along with increased water consumption will help eliminate inflammation in some cases.

#5 Improves brain function. Between the reduction of inflammatory chemicals and the increase of neurotrophic factors, people who try IF report feeling sharper minded and focused.

#6 Reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes. By reducing blood sugars, and insulin levels, IF drops risk of these chronic illnesses.

#7 Reduces oxidative stress which is akin to rusting in the human body and plays a significant role in development of chronic diseases as well as the aging process.

#8 Since it is more focused on when to eat versus what to eat it may be simpler for many people to implement. I do not advocate IF for people who have chronic illness unless it is supervised well. If you'd like more information please schedule an appointment at 847 577 4455.

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Dr Taryn DeCicco ND, LAc, LDN of Apple A Day Clinic in Arlington Heights, IL has been practicing Naturopathy, Nutrition, and Acupuncture as a holistic doctor, specializing in acne, skin, digestive disorders, and HPV for over 20 years!