So far we've covered several crucial secrets in this article series on the secret of success, now let's look at another.

Your Three Aspects
You have three aspects to your being. Intellectuality, emotionality, and your sensuality. Reason is your intellectual capacity, thinking, your head. Feeling is your emotional capacity, it comes from your heart. And lastly what can be called your sensuality includes artistic expression, intuition, fun, play, sex, and laughter.

Some people choose to be only rational, and they spend so much time thinking that life passes them by. There's not much fun in just thinking, which is not to deny that discovering the truth, especially fundamental truths such as each secret of success, is not extremely satisfying.

Others choose to be emotional. Once I had a partner who viewed everything in terms of her emotional reactions. It was very draining because I didn't know how she'd react no matter how hard I tried or what I did.

Yet I persevered for a while, and even tried another such relationship. But I eventually concluded that such constant tension didn't work for me. Yet there's a large element of truth to what they say, making out - oophs, that should be making up - can be a lot of fun!

Sensuality is essential, music has given me lots of pleasure over the years. But seriousness is needed to balance out a focus on fun and enjoyment. Although the several years I spent not doing much was extremely pleasant, permanent vacation eventually gets boring.

Another secret of success is not to deny any aspect of your being. They say that as human beings we have four natural instincts. You probably know them as the four F's - flight, fight, feeding, and procreation.

Integrate All Three
But back to being serious. These three aspects are often seen as totally separate. Yet the more you integrate them into your life, the more you'll find your life to be highly satisfying. Choosing to be satisfied is a choice of what to be, which is great, you're following the key secret of success.

The education system seems to suggest that reason is the only way forward, anything else is simply emotionality which should be discounted if not eliminated. Others says feeling/emotionality is the way forward, forget reason. Follow your heart.

Many condemn sensuality because it includes sex as fun. Joy and sex are sins say many religions, some even insist they are heinous. Yet white light is the integration of all colours, NOT the denial of any.

Balance and equality is the harmonious marriage of all three of these aspects, not the elimination of any. Unity is neither denial nor suppression. Equilibrium means exactly that - things are equal! Whenever things get out of balance, the universe remedies the issue: think of the motion of a pendulum, or the long-term changes in a river's course.

Integrate all three aspects: intellectuality, emotionality, and sensuality for real success, it'll change your life.

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Food for Thought
"The profoundest of all sensualities is the sense of truth and the next deepest sensual experience is the sense of justice."

- D. H. Lawrence, 1885-1930, British author, poet, playwright, literary critic, and painter

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