Insurance is more than just repairing your car, it’s also about repairing your life. When you think of insurance claims and cases, think of Fulmer Sill.

Most people when they get involved in an auto crash, think about two things. Repairing the damage to their car and paying their medical bills.

Insurance, and the policies that we all have pay for so much more than that. I think here in Oklahoma that our citizens are proud and nobody wants to ask for help. Nobody wants to admit that they’re hurt, but in many instances when somebody is involved in a car crash, something very real is taken from them. Maybe it’s the ability to get through the day without having to stand up and stretch. Maybe it is an arm that’s been broken. Maybe it’s time that you miss out on your family. Insurance compensates those people for those losses. The law in the state of Oklahoma requires that the people who caused those harms compensate people and insurance is the primary mechanism through which that is done. Insurance is more than just your medical bills. It’s everything that you have lost. Insurance is more than just repairing your car. It’s also about repairing your life. Insurance exists to put us back into the position that we were in before we got hurt. And if that involves feelings of shame, if it involves lost time with your friends, if it involves the inability to go bowling on Tuesday night, those experiences are what make human lives rich. And money can never put us back in a position that we would have been after we’ve been injured. But insurance companies have to consider those things. Insurance companies have to compensate you for those losses.
When you think of insurance, think of Fulmer Sill.

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