Among the 200 million+ business profiles on Instagram, it might be difficult to stand out. However, by keeping up with the most recent Instagram trends, you may use them to further your growth-oriented marketing plan.

We examine the top Instagram trends for 2024 in this post. We'll talk about innovative strategies like community development and AI-driven content generation, and we'll provide you with examples to help you incorporate them into your own Instagram plan.

Video takes priority over images

Please open the Instagram app and scroll through the first ten to fifteen posts. Have you noticed anything? Most of them are videos.

Instagram will continue to promote video content in 2024, particularly Reels. In an effort to motivate content producers to produce even more videos, new features are being released.

You may now:

  • Use a different reel to react to a reel.
  • Add new voiceovers, music, and effects to liven up your reels.
  • Post uninterrupted video tales up to 60 seconds in length.
  • Organize participatory live streaming.
  • It's no longer only advised to rely a lot on video; doing so is essential for Instagram's success. Display the real essence of your company, show off your items in use, or provide your fans with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look.

    With the support of the Instagram algorithm, using video increases reach and engagement while fostering a genuine connection with your audience.

    Use AI to enhance the generation of social content

    Instagram and its parent company, Meta, are investing heavily in artificial intelligence (AI) this year, much like many other digital businesses. This change has the potential to completely change the way marketers create content.

    Currently, Instagram provides select areas' creators with these AI features:

  • AI-generated stickers: To create customized AI stickers, users may provide instructions. They may then use these stickers to add to their tales or send them in conversations.
  • Advice: Ask for advice, have a conversation about shared interests, and even see and follow the postings on AI profiles—all via AI chat.
  • AI backgrounds for stories: Use the AI backdrop tool to generate a fresh background based on a text prompt when you add a picture to your tale.
  • Increase engagement with community experiences

    It takes more than simply an eye-catching feed to get Instagram engagement. Brands need to concentrate on building relationships with their consumers since the algorithm is increasingly prioritizing genuine community participation and interaction.

    As an example, Instagram launched broadcast channels a year ago to provide a one-way messaging option for artists to communicate with their fans. These channels provide creators the opportunity to inform their audience about new developments in a more personal and engaging setting.

    Boost traffic by using multiple links from the bio

    Do you still recall the classic Instagram bio link?

    You could only have one link on your Instagram profile in the past. Many marketers condensed all of their crucial channels and sites into a single link by using technologies such as Linktree.

    However, as of right present, your Instagram bio may include up to five external links. This is a great chance for companies who operate in several channels to attract visitors to different touchpoints. A retail company may, for instance, point customers to their YouTube channel, online store, FAQs area, and website featuring their best-selling products. In a similar vein, a SaaS company may direct users to their most successful landing page, most recent blog post, and recently released eBook.

    This is how to update your bio with many links:

  • Launch the Instagram app.
  • Press the button for your account.
  • Click on "Edit profile" next to your profile photo.
  • Select "Add links. “Press "+ Add an external link"
  • Type in the link's address and title to add it.
  • Select "Done" from the upper right corner.
  • To add additional links, follow steps 5-7 again.
  • These links are subject to alteration or removal at any moment. For marketers wishing to promote fresh campaigns and content on channels other than Instagram, this flexibility is fantastic.

    Increase exposure using Instagram SEO

    The use of social search is growing in popularity. When looking for information last year, 29% of Millennials and Gen Z users resorted to social networking sites rather than conventional search engines. In 2024, this tendency will still be increasing.

    Optimizing for native search is essential. Instagram's algorithm works hard to provide tailored, intent-based, and relevant material to people in their feeds. Marketers need to have an Instagram SEO strategy that goes beyond just utilizing relevant hashtags if they want to stand out.

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