All of us long for a loving mother. Many of you may feel like abandoned children, having grown up with mothers who did not cater to your needs properly. Therefore, you may be continually searching for nurturing from others. Some of you may even be mothers yourself, and are struggling with your duties as parents. Outside forces may easily distract you for caring for your children. However, when you look at the dove, you can gain insight into how to be a successful mother.

I have always loved birds, especially doves. I have a large tree in my backyard and oftentimes, there will be over a dozen doves sitting in that tree at one time. Although they have been known to perch on the window ledge and make nests in the bushes on the east side of my house directly outside my bedroom, I love to wake up in the morning to the sound of their cooing.

A few years ago, I noticed a mother dove had planted herself on top of the far corner post of my fence. As I went to investigate, I realized she had a nest on top of that post. She did not move for weeks. Finally, a little baby dove emerged and I watched curiously as that little one learned to fly. It took several days before it could fly successfully. The little bird took small steps to learn to fly, first mastering the bottom rung of my fence, then the top rung, and finally taking off across the yard; without the constant care of the mother dove, this tiny bird would not have been able to accomplish this feat.

Within the last week, another dove has settled into a new nest in my yard. The bird, quite industrious, made a nest in an abandoned hanging flower basket. Located right outside my back door on the patio, the basket hangs from a curved, inverted wrought iron hook attached to the east patio wall. Therefore, the hanging basket and makeshift bird's nest protrudes approximately one foot from the wall and is situated about five feet in the air, safely tucked away from other intruders, such as cats or squirrels.

Since its discovery, I find myself quite drawn to watch and protect the bird. The mother bird rarely leaves the nest. It can sit for almost twenty-four hours without moving. It is amazing. When my yardmen appeared the other day to cut the grass, I gave strict instructions not to disturb the nest. The bird did fly off during all the commotion. However, within hours, she lovingly appeared again and took up her position over the small egg.

There are other birds in nature, such as mockingbirds and blue jays, who have built nests in my yard. However, no bird is ever as peaceful as the dove. Although mockingbirds sing beautifully, if you inadvertently get too close to their nests, they will dive bomb you incessantly. I have seen mockingbirds, and blue jays alike, attack many an animal that strayed too close to their young, including dogs, cats, squirrels and other birds.

However, the mothering instinctive behavior of the dove is more than just a force of nature. I believe the dove has true nurturing abilities. From my observations, I understand why the dove is considered the symbol of peace. Although I have walked very close to the nest, the bird simply flies away and does not attack. Furthermore, the bird returns despite any adversity. It simply waits patiently for things to change and calm down.

Furthermore, the dove has the additional patience of Job as it sits for hours and weeks, waiting for its egg to hatch. I have noticed the dove sit without moving during the cold, during severe wind, and during rain. Nothing seems to phase the bird from its mission of protecting its egg, not even the lack of food or shelter.

In today's society, everything is rush, rush, rush. Many of us become frustrated and angry if things we want to happen in our lives do not occur almost instantaneously, as we are accustomed to things moving at this quick pace. If others get in your way, you may attack them until they leave you alone. You may want change now. You may be unhappy with your relationships, job, financial situation, health, or life.

In Matthew 6 of the Bible, we learn that the spirit of God takes care of every creature, no matter how small. The dove is secure with this knowledge and does not drift from its course of creating a new life. It is the ultimate mother, both nurturing and peaceful. It continues to wait unwearyingly for its egg to hatch.

Consider taking a lesson from the mother dove, bird of peace. Wait uncomplainingly for the new life you are birthing to come forth—the new life of spiritual ascension within you. No matter the cold attitudes of others, the winds of change, or the rain and storms of life, stay the course. Do not let others ruffle your feathers. Simply fly away from trouble and return to that place of peace when things have calmed down. Do not abandon your post and worry about other things. You will be taken care of by the spirit of God just as occurs with the dove. In doing so, you will be rewarded with a beautiful new life—a life that will allow you to soar high!

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