Kaitlyn Fiedler is a 20-something wife and mother of a sweet baby boy who overcame loss with the help of her strong faith in God. Ever since she has opened herself up to the Lord, she has found that navigating through grief has been easier to do. Kaitlyn can see the blessing in loss because it led her to become a passionate follower of God as well as being able to help others.

The immense hope she has received through the Lord has helped her on her own path of healing, while also helping others with theirs.

Kaitlyn currently lives near Greenville, SC, along with her husband and baby boy. She enjoys studying for her seminary classes and writing about her faith journey every chance she gets. When she's not doing either of those, you can find her enjoying her days as a loving wife and mom. Give her a splash of sunshine and a good book, and she's in heaven. She also volunteers within the grief ministry at her church, helping kids process and heal after losing someone close to them.

Whenever she identifies an opportunity to tell her story, Kaitlyn enthusiastically shares what the Lord has done for her. She especially likes to talk about it over a nice cup of coffee. Her mission is to deliver hope to any woman going through challenging times of their own, and with her real, honest, and open approach, she has helped countless women along the way.

The sudden loss she suffered when she was a child was the catalyst for becoming a committed follower of God. Since then, she has received divine inspiration to write for women as part of her ministry. Kaitlyn has a powerful way of speaking about faith and womanhood that inspires her readers to keep the faith and allow God to help them heal and have hope that is not circumstantial.

Her blog, A Beautiful Belonging, is her central hub of inspiration and helpful content on topics like family, relationships, and grief. She also provides keen insights into her personal life and story. Her wish is to seek, find, and trust in the Lord in all aspects of life, and do so together with her audience.

It is Kaitlyn’s true passion to live deliberately and purposefully, choosing to focus on the things that matter the most in life. All of us have a deeply-rooted desire to belong, which is something Kaitlyn believes can only be met fully in the presence of God.

Today, Kaitlyn’s hope is that her role as an inspirational writer for women will help others become encouraged in their own walk with God.

If you are a woman who is going through challenging times right now, then head over to Kaitlyn’s blog to find inspiring words of encouragement, as well as helpful guidance. You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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