The Cherokee Indians say that everybody is internally motivated, as you saw in part one of this Inner Motivation series. They know that, along with everybody else, you have both a white wolf and a negative black wolf to provide internal guidance!

Do you Just Know?
When you just know something is true without proof, you generally call this your intuition. If that knowing is calm and quiet, that's your white wolf. But the black wolf will also try to persuade you that its thoughts are equally true, so which should you believe? Neither! Contemplation will tell you where it comes from and its likely outcome, is it positive and beneficial?

That quiet voice inside, which the religious fraternity call the still small voice of calm, is the white wolf giving you a recommendation. Because it wants you to have complete freedom of choice, it rarely repeats an idea, so listen closely, it's got a valuable suggestion for you.

Explore where Your Thoughts Come From
If your mind is insisting that you must do something, those thoughts come from the black wolf. You know this because the white wolf doesn't insist, or even attempt to persuade, it wants only your freely chosen cooperation.

This suggests there's value in exploring where your thoughts come from. Yes, they do seem to come from nowhere, they just arise in your mind. But since you run your life, why give into any thought and let it control you? You can always think another thought, which is another interpretation of the well-worn injunction: just change your mind! In fact you will change your life by changing your mind. The secret of success is only to make positive changes!

Should you Eliminate the Black Wolf?
Both wolves are aspects of you, and they both benefit you in the very broadest sense. The benefit of listening to the white wolf is obvious. The black wolf's gift is to enable you to completely experience each and every facet of any situation by persuading you to choose the negative.

In this sense neither wolf is good or bad, since they both help you experience all sides of life. It could even be said that they're actually both good, although it is also true that your choice of which to follow will bring you either beneficial or adverse consequences. Together they enable you to get to know all sides of any situation.

So you don't want to kill off the black wolf, which is impossible anyway. But you'll change your life when you stop believing its thoughts. So learn to choose your own path, reflect on the consequences before springing into action. Be grateful for both wolves, yet stop feeding the black one.

Don't Suppress Negative Outcomes
The more you discover about the inevitability of consequences, the more difficult you'll find harmful actions to perform. So whenever you destroy beauty or act negatively, you must also suppress your comprehension of the outcome. You need to ignore the inevitably negative outcomes when you follow the black wolf.

Although the black wolf doesn't actually kill you by advocating smoking cigarettes, lack of exercise, or over-eating, for example, it will deaden you to life. It will kill you emotionally and spiritually, as well as adversely affect your rational capabilities. Then you walk around dead, like much of the population, unaware of the many possibilities directly in front of you.

It's simple to see those who follow the black wolf. Their eyes have no life or beauty in them, they're too busy doing what they do to stop and enjoy life. Look around as you walk to the store, the few whose eyes shout that they enjoy life are the little kids. They haven't yet had their life and dreams taken away by a politically correct society and a government-run education system which teaches you what to think rather than how to think.

Young children enjoy life since they still think for themselves. The secret of success is to rediscover the joys in thinking for yourself and running your own life!

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Food for Thought
"What you plant now, you will harvest later."

- Og Mandino, 1923-1996, American author, president of Success Unlimited, inspiration to millions!

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