Inner Growth is the force that awakens, grows, is fortified and mature in a very special way where each heart always has quite long moments that seem an eternity.
Thus, Inner Growth may seem to be an unattainable effort, it is not something simple, it is not as to read a book and to learn the story by heart. Nevertheless it is something that supports us so we can resist the most terrible and tremendous times and help us to make the correct decisions.
Sometimes there will be no gain but there also will be less loss and sometimes there will be so much gain and so much balance as well, that the gained power will not make us sick.
Inner Growth is the result of a existential crisis, a reckless war between good and evil, a bloody battle within ourselves with dead and wounded, with tears and laughter, resistance of resistance. It is the moment where control, balance and judgment seem to go insane but suddenly, a Superior Calm arrives, that only Faith and Love are able to offer.
Who dies for love? Who can forgive his enemies? Who can give his possessions to the thieves? For some it will seem as abandonment, madness, disappointment, fanaticism or obsession, but Inner Growth is what gives - by example, the capacity to serve, to forgive, to smile, even when they have offended us, and even if the moments are difficult to live.
Inner Growth happens when man opens his heart to Love and not to any love but to the Love of God and even though the circumstances in appearance might be, terminal, irreparable, there will always be a strength that will shake heaven and earth because we are free in the freedom based on not to choose hate or resentment.
What excellent, sublime force, what exquisite perfume the one that emanates of Inner Growth !
For the mystic is devotion, for the man of the world in its better expression is: Honesty, reason, justice, discipline and courage.
Inner Growth is the soul reaching maturity, the shared in common life, the spiritual, simple and humble life. Nevertheless, it is rich in the gifts of surrender, charity and on the awareness of the Superior Truth.

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Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell is a well known international lecturer, spiritual teacher and healer; poet and author of innumerable writings related to Self Knowledge, Healing, Art for Good Health, Meditation and Spiritual Science, are some of his topics. He is also an accomplished artist with great knowledge of the ancient science of techniques and designs of Sacred Geometry, Ancient Symbols and Healing Energy.

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