The real estate market value is greatly affected by infrastructural conditions of the locality surrounding the property. Currently Lahore Cantt is facing infrastructural improvements, which will cause a surge in price of Lahore Real Estateproperties. Lahore is a quite a big city and Cantonment, known as Cantt, is a small part of it. From the beginning, Cantt is mainly controlled by Pakistan Army, so it is known for its peaceful and calm atmosphere.

With the passage of time, many parts of Lahore Cantt became deteriorated, had old houses, narrow roads, old sewerage system and bundles of electrical wires hanging around every corner. As of late, administration is giving special attention to Cantt, improving all infrastructures, which will ultimately uplift the real estate values.

Home Renovations:

From time to time, people renovate their houses. For many of the dwellers of Cantt, renovating their places has triggered a chain reaction. This home renovation surge was not initiated by any administrative body but this was entirely done by individual homeowners. Currently massive home renovations are underway throughout Cantt. Some homeowners are constructing totally new houses while others are renovating their houses to give them a new look. This surge in home renovation will ultimately uplift the value of Lahore Property.

New and Improved Gas pipelines and Sanitary work:

People living in Cantt noticed that their surroundings are not up to the mark as they should be so influential people pressurize the administrative body to start community rehabilitation work in Cantt. The first thing was to improve the sanitary conditions of certain areas in Cantt, while gas pipelines were also of the same pathetic conditions. Not all of Cantt have bad sanitary conditions but some of the areas were having similar problems. Now the new and improved gas pipelines and sanitary work is almost completed. This improvement will have a direct effect on the adjacent properties and within some time Lahore Cantt real estate market will face surge in its values.

Underground landlines of telephone, cable and internet:

Telephone landlines were laid underground some time ago but now television cable lines are also laid underground. Besides, high-speed internet wires are also shifted below the ground to reduce the mess of wires on every corner. Electrical wires are also given proper attention as authorities have ordered to clean the mess on every electric pole. This community work is gradually changing the whole outlook of all Cantt areas and as a result, property prices have started surging.

New and Wider Roads:

The roads of almost all of the area were in bad condition and needed full repair. Some posh areas in Cantt already have wide and proper metalled roads while some areas have quite narrow roads. Government has taken initiative to make all roads of Cantt as wider as need be. This is mainly done with the help of bulldozers as the sides of roads are dug to facilitate the expansion.

All of the infrastructural surge in Lahore Cantt will dramatically increase the real estate values. People always look for a house, which is located in posh, peaceful, and well-established place and they are willing to pay more than their capacity if they can get a good deal. It is hoped that if other regions are also improved than the whole Pakistan Real Estate will undergo the same changes in its value.

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William King is the director of Lahore Real Estate, Pakistan Property, Islamabad Property and Lahore Property. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.