Following a global safety information concern from the FDA, breast implant manufacturer Allergan recently announced a voluntary worldwide recall of BIOCELL® textured breast implants and tissue expanders. The recall includes both BIOCELL® saline-filled and silicone-filled textured breast implants and tissue expanders.

The FDA’s investigation confirmed that a rare form of lymphoma, commonly known as breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL),is more likely to develop in these Allergan implants than any other types of implants.

The FDA has reported 573 women have been diagnosed with BIA-ALCL and 33 women have died from the disease. Of the 573 cases of ALCL, 481 are attributed to Allergan implants.

Please note, this global recall does not affect Allergan’s NATRELLE® smooth or MICROCELL® breast implants and tissue expanders.

Allergan Breast Implant Recalled Styles

The recall implants include the following:

*Source: FDA

Symptoms to Be Aware Of

The most common symptom of BIA-ALCL is excessive fluid buildup around the breast implant. This can cause swelling, pain or lumps in the breast or armpit. BIA-ALCL will typically occur between three and fourteen years after the implants have been placed.

In addition to pain and swelling, other symptoms can include:

Breast enlargement
Breast asymmetry or changes in appearance
It is important, regardless if you have implants or not, to get a breast examination each year. Early detection is critical.

How Fulmer Sill Can Help Breast Implant Recall Patients

Our breast implant recall attorneys will seek damages for:

Past and future medical expenses
Pain and suffering
Loss of income due to recovery
Emotional distress
If you or a loved one believe you have any of the recalled Allergan breast implants, please reach out to your plastic surgeon for confirmation. If you’ve suffered adverse effects due to your breast implants, our team of breast implant recall attorneys here at Fulmer Sill is here to help. Know more...

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