When you want to choose a good paddle board for yourself, the first question that comes to your mind is if you should buy an inflatable paddle board or a hard SUP. Thanks to its ease of storage & use, and excellent functionality an inflatable stand up paddle board is extremely popular these days. However, is it better than a hard SUP? The answer to this question will depend on what type of activity you would like to perform on your paddle board.

Before we get into comparing these two types of paddle boards, here is a brief overview of what they exactly mean.

Hard SUPs

Also known as solid SUPs, these are made from heavy-duty materials like epoxy, fiberglass, wood, plastic and more.  The epoxy coating, layers of fiberglass inside and wood veneer finishing of these SUPs make the boards buoyant, durable and rigid. These are more technically sophisticated than inflatable boards, because they are used for specific activities like racing or surfing. So, always buy paddle boards from a respected brand like Honu, to get the most out of them.

Inflatable SUPs

These are made from high-quality laminated PVC, which sandwiches many polymer threads that connect the front and back panels of the board using superior drop-stitch technology. These inflatable boards come with a pump as well, so that you can fill in air into them, when you are about to take them to the waters. For some of the latest styles of inflatable SUPs and their features, you can visit https://honu.com.au./.

Which is better?

Which type of paddle board is the best for you? If you want to try racing or surfing on your paddles, you will benefit more when you use the hard SUPs. They are stronger, faster, more dynamic and more buoyant than the inflatable SUPs. Reliable brands like Honu paddleboards, have enough stability to help you paddle through rough waters and large waves.

However, if you are planning to buy an all-around SUP for taking casual trips on your vacation, inflatable SUPs are the best choice for you due to the following reasons:

Safety aspect

When paddling, you may sometimes lose your balance and fall on your board. Falling on hard SUPs can be quite painful for you, as you may suffer some injuries. However, when you use inflatable SUPs, you can avoid this problem

Health aspect

The soft and relaxing texture of inflatable SUPs keeps your feet free from fatigue, even when you paddle for long hours. The contact pressure on these boards is way lesser than hard SUPs.

Weight and portability aspect

Are you planning to take a beach vacation? Well, you can now save hundreds of dollars of paddle board rental costs, thanks to these inflatable SUPs. You can pack your own inflatable SUP and carry it anywhere you want. These SUPs can be easily packed into a small bag, as they are extremely lightweight. Also, it takes very little effort to inflate them and get them into the water.

Storage aspect

One of the best advantages of inflatable SUPs is that they are very compact, and easy to store, when you are done using them. You can own more than one inflatable SUP, and still store them all in your closet properly, when they are deflated after use.



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