The Video Coalition of Indonesia (VCI) involves stronger action from the Indonesian government.

Indonesia based Indo xxi group, which controls an outsized number of illegal piracy websites and applications, has claimed that it had officially closed its operations as of January 1st. The announcement was made via their various social media accounts.

“Happy New Year 2020. As of today our site is not any longer accessible, as is that the case with the INDOXXI lite application. many thanks for being a loyal viewer of INDOXXI so far , always support the creative industry to be more advanced within the future. Greetings, INDOXXI”

Some INDOXXIstreaming sites cannot currently be accessed and therefore the URL links to a crop up which states: “Goodbye 2019, Goodbye INDOXXI. Thank you.” However there are still variety of Nonton INDOXXI Online sites which remain operational and supply access to pirated Indonesian and international content. The US based web traffic analysis company, Alexa, which measures website popularity, ranks INDOXXI because the 721st hottest website within the world. INDOXXI is additionally ranked within the highest 100 hottest websites in Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Philippines and Taiwan.

Following the December release of an AVIA commissioned YouGov survey which found that 63% of Indonesians access piracy streaming websites, the Indonesian government vowed to spot and prosecute those operating the INDOXXI piracy websites unless they cease their operations.

The rampant piracy levels in Indonesia has recently been escalated to both the President’s and therefore the Vice-President’s office. during a recent media address the Minister of Communications and knowledge (KOMINFO), Mr. Johnny Plate, commented, “Pirated films generate a negative impact on Indonesia. the govt is building its’ investment climate, which incorporates the protection of property rights.”

Public Relations Commissioner Mr. Asep Adi Saputra, Head of PR Division of the National Police, notified the media that “the police fully supports what's being done by KOMINFO. we'll be coordinating further whether there are further violations of the law, especially because it relates to property rights.”

The Director-General of Aptika Kominfo, Mr. Semuel Abrijani, informed the media, “We are working with video and film associations to eradicate pirated websites. . . . It’s like cat and mouse game. But, alongside the VCI, we'll still pursue them.” He went on to warn consumers of the risks related to piracy websites. “These sites are dangerous. Besides harming IPR owners, we've found malware on a number of the sites that were blocked.”

Members of the Video Coalition of Indonesia (VCI) will still work closely with KOMINFO to help within the identification of illegal sites and that we involve all related government departments to figure together and undertake stronger enforcement action against illegal piracy site owners.

Mr. Joko Anwar, one of Indonesia’s most successful film directors, stated, “Piracy isn't a crime. It hurts the entire of the movie industry , dampening its’ growth which successively lessens the opportunities for more people to figure within the field and threatens the livelihoods of these already working in our industry.”

Prominent Indonesian actor, Mr. Reza Rahadian, commented, “My appreciation to the govt and every one respective party in their efforts to combat the rampant piracy in Indonesia. Piracy, in any form, features a negative impact on the expansion of the movie industry and specifically the Indonesian movie industry. Our collaborative endeavors and achievements will come to zilch should piracy websites not be stopped through a rigid and sustainable enforcement system. I do hope that what Kominfo has achieved to combat piracy, won't only end in the expansion of the Indonesian movie industry, but also provide increased awareness of how consumers can and will access legal services to observe movies and television shows.”

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