In creating the atmosphere for the inside and outside spaces, lighting is an important aspect because it is needed to rightly enhance the features and the architecture of any structure. With the implementation of the new sources of light like the Led lights and Flood lights, their wide range of extravagant features made lighting critical in production within a theatrical production.
For one to likely think that outdoor lightings are for the outside and indoor lightings are for inside and that one shouldn’t be used for the other can simply be agreed on. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be interchangeably used, just that it is unusual but not dangerous since their only difference seems to be that the outdoor lights are more resiliently made to withstand elements of weather.
Furthermore, putting into consideration some Flood lights such as that produced from the incandescent light bulbs and halogen spotlights bulbs, and some Led lights emitted from light-emitting diode bulbs can be either used indoors or outdoors so far as they are not in direct contact with water and also those to be kept outdoors are ensured they are specifically designed to withstand exposure to direct rain, sunshine or snow, etc.
The metal halide light bulbs and xenon bulbs can be used indoors and outdoors or either but the compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) may be used outside if the maximum temperature indicated on it, is able to withstand the outdoor temperature of the environment. This is to say that outdoor lights are more variable and discovering which light is of indoor, outdoor or both use will give you balanced and top-notch lighting required for one's compartment.

Lighting rating

Due to advancement in technology, whether your lightings is of Led light or Flood light, the best way for one to figure out whether a lighting from a bulb can be utilized indoors or outdoors is by knowing the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rating of most lighting features as tested embracing different particular locations as follows;
• For dry locations – the bulb lighting labeled “UL listed” are used in living rooms, some bathroom areas, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways, etc.
• For damp locations – the bulbs as labeled “suitable for damp locations” or “suitable for wet locations” are used in utility rooms, bathtubs, indoor pool areas, showers, etc.
• For wet locations – bulbs with the label “suitable for wet locations” are used in outdoor dining, walkways, gazebos, open patio, and decks, etc.

Lighting Bulbs

To explicitly help one to know the types of light bulbs to be used for indoors, outdoors, or both lighting, the below discoveries were made;
• Led lights are used both inside and outside
• Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs are used indoors but to use outdoor, the packing maximum temperature for outside endurance must be checked.
• Incandescent Flood light Bulbs are used inside and outside where they are not in contact with water
• Halogen spotlights and Flood light Bulbs, Xenon Bulbs and metal halide light bulbs are used indoors and outdoors but accurate checks should be done on the packaging to know for which particular use.

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