Have you browsed through cannabis edibles online in BCand wondered: what kind of cannabis do they use in these edibles? While some prefer specific sativa or hybrid strains, such information is not always labeled in edible packages. Just like smoking marijuana, the effects of various edibles are different. Still, edibles made with indica strains have similar effects to smoking edible strains. The same goes for hybrid strains.

Indica Edibles vs Hybrid Edibles

Indica Edibles

Just like inhaled indicas, indica edibles offer relaxing and sedative effects, usually sending users into a deep couch lock. With edibles, however, these effects can be more intense. Finding cannabis edibles online with indica strains should be easy. That is, if a deep intense high is what you are going for. Remember that usual cannabis consumption effects like dry eyes, cottonmouth, couch lock and the munchies can feel a bit more ferocious than usual, especially if you are new to eating edibles. It helps to start low and go slow; you can slowly eat more as you get accustomed to the effects.

Hybrid Edibles

We all know that indicas are sedating and sativas are energizing. But if you want to get a good mix of both worlds, hybrids are your best bet. If you live in BC and buy edibles online, you are likely to see a lot of edibles options with hybrid strains. Because edibles can give you quite a heavy body high, hybrid options might can give the consumers a bit of energy to still go on with their daily activities. By introducing sativa characteristics, you can enjoy some uplifting effects to go with the deep relaxation benefits of the indica genes.

Differentiating Indica and Hybrid Edibles

Although THC content in cannabis products are meticulously tested and labeled, weed gummies in online BC are usually not label with the specific kind of marijuana used to make them. For most, this should not be a big deal. Edibles are known to be more potent than smoking. The high that they experience is more longer lasting and affects the body differently because the way liver metabolizes THC. Unless you are a very experienced cannabis consumer, it is hard to notice the specific difference between these types.

Factors like time of day, mental and physical state, tolerance and overall health can play a role in the way cannabis edibles affect a certain user. Someone might find that indica or hybrid edibles is more energizing than the other when taken first thing in the morning or more sedating at the end of the day. In such cases, this usually depends on the state of mind of the consumer.

Buying Cannabis Edibles in Online BC

Even when all available edibles are not labeled with their specific strain, at Top BC Cannabis, you should find every kind and flavour for you to enjoy. We have the popular Chilling Chocolates based on indica-specific extracts, as well as delicious brownies in both indica and sativa options. If you are in the mood for candies, buy our gummies in all shapes and flavours. For something healthier, also available are dried fruits infused with hybrid strains, along with Vegan Organic Jellies in your choice of indica, sativa and hybrid. You truly have everything you need buying cannabis edibles online in BC.

Knowing Your Cannabis Dose

Whether you can easily tell the difference between indica and hybrid edibles will ultimately depend on you and your tastes. Experience, prior knowledge and physical state greatly affect the way edibles work on your body. If you live in BC and buy edibles online, it is very important that you double check your dose to ensure that you get the best possible cannabis edibles experience possible.

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Jacob is an experienced cannabis content writers who write on various cannabis health related topics. Visit Top BC Cannabis to learn more about marijuana affects and benefits.