Indian mythology invariably is one of the key elements of Indian culture. And while the mythology is deeply linked with both, ancient Vedic religion and the religion in the present day context, it may even be seen as a compilation of many interlinked stories!

Some of the epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are celebrated across the world, adored in every format! All Indians know these epics by heart and are fascinated by the same, irrespective of the format in which these are put forth.

A very interesting feature of these epics is that these sometimes find different versions at different places across the globe. The Ramayana which is read in Northern India, and the Tamil version of Ramayana, which is the Kamba Ramayanam, for instance, could be slightly different.

Just like the epics are adored by Indians and people all across the globe, the mythological heroes from Indian epics are worshiped and idolized!

These are the deities of Vedic religion, in a tradition which has been ongoing since millennia. The traditionalistic Indian mythological heroes are loved for their heroism, valor and might.

The tales from the timeless epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata tell us about the wisdom and heroism of the mythological heroes, these deities teach us the right way to live a life of virtue, defined as dharma.

It is for their heroism and might that the mythological heroes are worshiped, and they infuse within the common man the virtues that guide him through the existence, which is the circle of birth, rebirth, and also salvation.

The most favored mythological hero in Indian mythology is undoubtedly Lord Krishna. While Lord Krishna is the epitome of justice, he stands for the victory of good over evil and also signifies strength, wisdom and the judicious use of power. The deity has been presented in the form of an individual who rules every woman's heart!

Tales of love of Radha Krishan have been popularized in the Indian culture, and an important mention in this regard is Mirabai, a devout saint who dedicated her life to the bhakti of Lord Krishna.

Among the other deities who are highlighted as the Indian mythological heroes are Prabhu Sri Ram and Lord Ganapati. And when one mentions Indian mythological heroes, one cannot possibly miss the mention of PawanPutra Sri Hanuman, who happened to be not just the closest aide and confederate of Lord Ram, but also his friend and the greatest devotee!

Tales of Lord Hanuman are popularized in every format, and we can even find some animated versions of Bajrang Bali's stories for kids!

But in essence, Lord Hanuman symbolizes selfless service, as highlighted by the saying 'Atmarth Seva, Paramarth Seva', which means service for a noble and genuine cause is service towards the entire universe.

In addition, Lord Hanuman symbolizes might, valor and wisdom. It is believed that praying to Lord Hanuman protects a devotee from all fears, and while he highlights the right path to move ahead in life, he induces within a devotee the innumerable positive qualities which are associated with Bajrang Bali himself!

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