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What would it be like to live in global peace? I think it would encompass having complete trust in everyone else. That would cause us to all be working as one global entity. If that were the case, what would it mean for the world? It would mean countries and organizations working together, without selfish or ulterior motives, but with the desire to better the world. If that were the case, what would it mean for our daily lives? We would be living more freely and experiencing a deeper harmony within and amongst our communities.

And here’s the good news. It is happening. There are so many people, groups, and communities out there that are literally transforming our communication, positively revolutionizing our world, and significantly impacting the face of existence as we now know it. If we simply believe that our world is full of doom and gloom, then we either watch too much news-media and/or don’t talk to enough new and different people each day.

One significant step, I believe, in increasing peace in the world, is to first acknowledge and be proud of the fact that there are so many groups and individuals with such a common goal. That is wonderful! When we become present to that, we then find the drive, desire, and commitment to take further action. If we are pessimistic or negative, our subconscious mind won’t let us take any action. For example, if we have a certain goal, say to lose weight, we won’t be very motivated to lose any weight unless we keep track of how much weight we’re losing on a periodic basis. It’s not enough to want to lose weight. If we want to feel good about what we’re doing, then we must keep track of our progress. It’s the same thing with world peace. Who’s keeping track of our progress? Increasing peace in the world begins with increasing peace in our own minds (firstly, having the understanding that peace is happening).

What’s the next step in increasing the peace within our own minds? Let’s continue by flushing out the negative that is in our minds. Let’s continue growing personally. Let’s continue by learning about how our mind works and how to use it more effectively. An example of doing this might encompass learning about other cultures. I know every time I went on a youth exchange program, I was in such a state of wanting to learn about the other culture. That fascination to learning taught me more about my own culture, and gave me ways I could relate my understanding of the world more effectively with others. It taught me new distinctions in communication. So let’s continue by discovering the power we have in our own communication. See what is possible through communication. Our communication has changed over evolution. Today, how does our mind communicate to itself? What impact does this have on our daily living? When we learn to harness the power of communication within ourselves (and change our daily habits), then we can learn to improve our communication with others (and change our relationships and communities). We can be in our communities a source of light and direction. We can springboard positive and progressive action for our cities and our nations. And we can see, in truth, that the world IS transforming. It is not just a dream.

So, what is communication? Read this slowly. Read it again. Think about it. Communication doesn’t just occur through the processes of visual recognition, language dissection, and cognitive understanding. Communication can go beyond that, into a genesis of new thought creation, action realignment, and evolutionary transformation. The book “101 Ways to Increase Peace” is all about communication. It is about taking a strong and powerful message and sharing it with the world. It’s not just about the words on a piece of paper (or bits of light on a computer monitor), it’s about the ideas and the passion behind those words. Am I communicating the passion to you now? Look at books like “The Celestine Prophecy” and “Conversations With God.” Those books have a similar desire to spread a common theme of global unity and peace.

We’re in a communications era that will transform society. But it’s not just about the speed of communication or the facets of communication through technology. It’s about the quality and depth of communication through all disciplines of self-discovery and enlightenment. When we learn to improve the quality of our own lives, then, we become an example, an inspiration, and a model for others to follow. Pick up a fitness book like “Body for Life” and you’ll find that people who have succeeded on the program become a source of inspiration for other people who will subsequently take the program! This concept is what I love about the personal development industry. It is a model industry because most people don’t treat each other as competition. I call up other speakers and authors who are willing to spend their valuable time and energy in order to help me become more successful! I could be considered their competition, but instead, I am part of a greater team that is out to cause transformation in our world. People like that are some of my heroes. A society full of ethical heroes is a society where people have more character and integrity. Isn’t that what we want? Shouldn’t we strive to be those ideal heroes that we so admire? Mark Victor Hansen, the co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, says, “Improve your business, your life, your relationships, your finances and your health. When you do the whole world improves.”

How do we increase peace? If you’re thinking about what you’re reading, then you’re on the right track. The next step is to share your thoughts with others. Effectively communicate your passion. Show others the benefits by applying the benefits to yourself first. Become an example of what is possible. Be in action.

This is not just a pipe-dream. It is possible. It will happen because communication can move faster than the speed of light. How? Because of quantity. Because we can pack more meaning into communication than we can pack energy into light. That’s exciting! And remember, we’re spiritual beings that take on a human form. Let’s not just ‘think’ outside of the box. Let’s ‘live’ outside of the box.

Realize that attaining peace is not complicated. First, realize how far we’ve come already. Then, grow personally, learn about others, improve your communication skills, and foster a higher standard of ethics, trust, and integrity. And finally, share this simple process to others with passion. So, what’s stopping you?

Let's love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, Visionary

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I am a blind, Pakistani albino. Really. That's who I am. I'm an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and best-selling author of "A Dictionary of Distinctions."

My vision is to help transform the lives of millions of people around the world through a new media genre: the convergence of entertainment and inspiration.

For example, I produced "What is Love?" -- http://www.TheLoveMovie.com -- a three minute movie on the Internet, now seen by a million people across 112 countries. My greatest passion is working with projects like co-producing hit shows (such as I DECIDE and SHIFT), and now working on a feature-length reality-based biographical movie of my life called "an Ordinary Story"!

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