For most of your life, you've probably tried to avoid getting pregnant. And now, when you’re really trying for a baby, it may
be taking a little longer than you'd planned. The whole thing can be pretty nerve-racking.

What is ovulation?
The word 'ovulation' means 'release of an ovum (an egg) from the ovaries'.

Ovulation is the central event in the menstrual cycle . Since the egg remains alive for only 24 hours, being able to pinpoint when ovulation occurs ( "the fertile time" ) is critically important for infertile couples.

Believe it or not, there's only a very small window each month when you can actually conceive, typically no longer than four
days. This time, when you are most fertile, leads up to ovulation. Each month, 15 to 20 eggs mature inside one of your ovaries. The largest is pushed out into the pelvic cavity and swept into the fallopian tube. Simply put, ovulation is the process that results in the release of one or more eggs from your ovary.

Ovulation is a part of a woman's reproductive cycle, where one or more eggs are released from one of the ovaries. If you're trying to get pregnant, it's useful to know when your ovulation day is.

Finding out exactly when your body releases an egg from your ovary, ovulation, will help you pin point your most fertile time of the month. Two days in your cycle, the day before ovulation and the day of ovulation are when you are most likely to become pregnant.

How to find out your ovulation day?
Ovulation kits can help you to identify your best fertile period, but there is no evidence that using them will improve your
chances of success when it comes to getting pregnant naturally.

Ovulation prediction test kits (OPK) are a very useful scientific tool for helping women to pinpoint ovulation.ovulation kits detect LH which is produced in large quantities shortly before ovulation and can be found in the urine . Once the LH surge has occurred, ovulation usually takes place within 12 to 44 hours. Urine testing is started about two days prior to the expected day of ovulation and continues until the test becomes positive. The urine should be collected at the same time every day - and testing the first morning urine sample is a good idea.

Ovulation prediction kits offer the advantage that they allow you to predict when ovulation will occur - thus maximising the chances that intercourse will be timed at your most fertile period. They can also be done in the privacy of your own home.

Why to use Ovulation Prediction Test Kits?
Some couples prefer to identify when they are most likely to conceive. There are a number of reasons why women may choose to
try to predict their fertile period:

1.If one or both partners frequently work away from home, scheduling sex during the fertile period could make all the
2.Hectic schedules and caring for existing children mean that sex is less of a priority; having sex every two to three days
can feel like just another chore.
3.An irregular cycle can make it more difficult to conceive - sex every few days throughout the cycle is ideal in this
situation but, after a few months of not conceiving, it can become stressful.
4.Suspicions that ovulation is not happening at all can be investigated in the privacy of your own home before you seek help.

How do I use them?
Depending on the type of urine-based OPK, you'll either collect your urine in a cup or hold a stick in your urine stream. Coloured bands will appear on the test card or stick to indicate whether or not the LH surge is occurring.

Warning:you should definitely not attempt to use ovulation kits or ovulation strips for contraception. They're not designed
for this purpose – so you might end up pregnant.

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