The time has come when we need to focus on advanced harvesting methods to boost our business. With the help of hangharvesting method, one can easily grow and make the most out of it. If you are planning to do something like this DriFlower’s patented HangHarvesting Solutions are designed to scale with your needs.

It requires advanced instruments for drying the harvest and also for transportation. Equipment for this procedure involves Hangers, brackets, sticks, racks, container kits, apparel, and much more. Whether you chose complete harvesting kits or something custom-built through hangers and brackets, you would certainly be upgraded. Not only it would affect your yield but also reduce labour costs to much extent.

No matter the size of your cultivation area, may it be a small plot or many acres of land, our kits are the perfect solution for your entire needs. Fill your warehouse with propods and simplify your activities through DriFlower HangHarvesting Kits.

Everything you can build on your own as per your needs. It is an advanced revolutionary system for harvesting cannabis and hemp. We have 21” J hangers for indoor and smaller drying spaces. Basically, it is two-piece aluminum construction with raised center for accurate balancing. Also, the ridges are raised for secure hanging of flowers.

Heavy-duty, powder-coated steel construction Pro Pods are also there that can be set up with either 3 or 4 levels of harvesting potential. PRO PODS are the clear choice for trucking and storing large quantities of hemp or cannabis.

For those who want to make their own drawing racks, DriFlower J-Bracket is available for you. It is for secure positioning of aluminum sticks available in sets of two.

Then comes the fixed rack for field or greenhouse designed to hold J-Hangers i.e J-Harvest Rack. It is All metal construction sanitary and easy to clean. The Safety Rubber Bumpers Holds any size of J-Hangers which is a great thing.

Shipping Container Conversion Kit from Driflower has everything you need to convert your shipping container into a unique HangHarvesting drying space. It includes Hanging Stick Slot supports and All Hardware: Lock Pins, Couplers, connectors, etc.

Many more items are available at our store, you can get everything you need. Just make your mind to invest in the Hangharvesting method and avail all the benefits simply.

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DriFLower is the original HangHarvesting system. For more information kindly visit our website Driflower