February 3, 2010

Dear God,

I am sooo tired. It´s been two nights in a row that I haven´t slept well. I am getting discouraged. My muscles are weak and so is my spirit… I have so many “things” to do, and I am tired… fed up.
I give up, I surrender. I endorse my plans, projects and dreams to You (because they came from You, in the first place). I am already overwhelmed with so many activities I have engaged in the search for the “right job”, one that gives me money to live with, but more so, a job that inspires me and others to feel blessed.
Truth of the matter is that right now I feel like the mouse running in the spinning wheel, with no cheese to chase, no place to get, just running after who knows what, feeling exhausted! So I get down the spinning wheel and I rest. I wait… I wait…. I wait…In the hope that finally, somebody, somehow, will open my cage, take me carefully and lovingly put me where “I belong”: doing a job effortlessly, full of Spirit, without needing to run or chase for anything but embracing the moment, surrounded by a loving and peaceful environment, with no deadlines to meet, no stress nor many activities to accomplish… only working through my talking, my writing and my reaching out for others in their need of raising their own Spirit.
I thank You, God -in advance- for this great job, one that inspires, that gives hope, that changes the life of many –for the best-.
I thank You, God -in advance- for taking care of my needs and looking after my preadolescent daughter´s well being in this new country –Canada- after we moved from Mexico in search for a better life. I thank you so that I can guide her in the tough stage she is about to enter due to her age (added to the fact of being away from her family and lifelong friends). Thank you because she has done so well in the search of making new friends here! Thank you for this job I will get that will allow me to be close to her, so that I have time to look after her in the mornings, and be for her in the evenings to feed her and know how her day went by. So that she knows I am available for her, instead of working for the “pennies” out there.
I thank You, God –in advance- for all the money that is on its way to me, for all the good deeds I have already done, for all the effort I have already put and given; for all that is yet to be done!
I thank You, God, my sole Provider, my Partner, my Insurance, my Trust.
Oh Spirit! Divine Spirit! Give me some kind of clue to know that everything is on track!
- Let my weakness be a new strength.
- Let my doubts be Your reassurance.
- Let my giving up, my surrender, be Your lead.
- Le my broken Spirit be the lifted Soul.
- Let my uncertainty be the path to all positive possibilities.
- Let my cry be the silent hope.
- Let my lack of money be turned into the richness and vastness available at my hand.
- Let my negative thoughts be blacked out and filled with Your light.
I surrender to this and more, so that You, oh Lord, oh Spirit, oh Universal force, be the Guide, the Source, the Path, the Job, the Income and –ultimately- the Great Outcome!
Yvonne Gonzalez-Baez

Author's Bio: 

Yvonne González-Báez Luján, is a Mexican writer who, due to her own kidney failure and later transplant, as well as manic-depressive diseases, HIV and cancer in close relatives, decided to write her own life-death experiences, winning a national award, having her book published.

She has also written articles about alternative therapies in magazines and has two poetry books: Sueños de una Mujer and De mi Angel a Mi Patria. Her third book, Historia de Luz, is the Mexican National award winning testimonial that expresses how illnesses and adverse circumstances have helped her to find new paths to cure the body, soul and spirit. She shares her knowledge in how to accomplish an integral health through her Holistic Health Workshop.

She has taken Universal Energy, Neurolinguistic Programming and Depth Psychology courses. Has a Massage specialization from Mexico giving in that country her vibrational therapies, Reiki and both holistic and anti-stress massages. She has practiced Gurdjieff´s Sacred Dances, Tai-Chi, Yoga and meditation and has taught both Yoga and meditation for many years.

As an entrepreneur, Yvonne is the creator of Masajesluz® which holds its own brand of massage oils and body breezes with aromatherapy and crystal therapy for the seven Chakras.

As a new immigrant to Canada, she is aiming to continue her practice as a therapist and as a meditation instructor. She also wants to offer her writing workshop to help people in the community (advanced Spanish students and Hispanics) gain a better sense of themselves by improving their skills through writing their own life’s experiences. She also aims to help the Hispanic women in Calgary interested in writing their own life story about how they immigrated, the obstacles they confronted and how they have been able to start a new life in Canada.

For more information, you can visit her website: You can contact her at:
or by phone at (403) 473-4724.