You are divine beyond measure : significant, soulful, perfection unrealized.

Someone out there would move heaven + earth for you and considers you their moon + their stars.

Right now, someone dreams of you, knowing their love is unrequited.

Someone may lie, cheat + disappoint you. You are resilient. Your antenna will be sharper for it.

You have a voice that speaks truths: ripe, relevant, resonant.

Right now, someone is taking a stand + lending voice to protect your civil rights.

You may trip up, screw up, even *&%# up, but you will dust off and it will raise your bar.

Your wisdom is immense… there is someone waiting in dire need of your kind words + ardent inspiration.

You deserve the right to be looked in the eyes and hear please + thank you.

You have survived a history of sweet triumph + immense pain. You are a warrior, wearing your battle scars with pride and dignity.

You are a bold, brilliant, unstoppable spirit.

Someone somewhere is sending you love and light.

You never, ever have to dumb down, dim your light or shrink for anyone.

Somewhere you are inspiring someone. That someone aspires to be you.

Your heart may be broken in a million tiny pieces. Sadness long forgotten, you will soon become someone’s everything.

Right now, there’s a soldier fighting for your freedom + liberty with no concern of their own.

Somewhere someone is silently cheering you on + praying for you to succeed.

you. me. somewhere. right. now.

… make this your mantra.

Author's Bio: 

Throughout a career of working for + with Fortune 500 companies, training sales teams, building strategic marketing plans and over 25 years as an Entrepreneur with few exceptions, I've done and seen it all. I've loved jobs, soul searched, changed careers, found new inspiration, created successful business opportunities and volunteered for non-profits. Through making an impact, being on point, taking healthy risks and at times, bombing big time, I've pushed my personal envelope. This is what I'm crystal clear about:

I am clear that being an entrepreneur + life coach works for me, it's who I am and how I choose to work in the world. I am energized and excited about the idea of creating something organically and from the ground up, that’s uniquely mine, reflecting me at my very core + that will allow me to serve humanity.