You undoubtedly know already that high(er) intensity training burns fat very well. Not only will it burn fat during the time you are training but has an "after effect" known as EPOC. This means that the body will continue to burn fat throughout the course of the day.

Any side effects? Yes. You will build muscle in the process, provide you are training correctly and getting the proper nutrition. (If you are unsure, set up a "Doctor's Visit on CD" session with me and find out)

Now, research from the Montreal Heart Institute program has shown that high(er) intensity training makes you smarter!

In this study, adults followed a 16 week program consisting of a specific 2x/wk interval session/high intensity training session. At the end of the program, researchers found the participants had enhanced cognitive function and increased brain oxygenation, in addition to greater cardio endurance.

Doc's Thoughts: I find this a positive and predictable outcome. Whenever you can get enhanced oxygen, blood and Qi (energy) flow to the brain and other organs, something good, something very good or something great will occur.

Almost nothing is better than exercise DONE CORRECTLY, to achieve this end result.

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