You are entitled to file a claim whenever you experience an accident, especially if other parties are involved or if you sustained the injury at your workplace or in a public venue. If you sustain an injury to your person as a result of an accident, there are some key steps that you must take in order to ensure a smooth claims process.

Keep all documents and important information safe

Make sure you keep all documents, papers, and information given to you from the time of the accident. Keep all information gathered about the other party if applicable, so you can have the details on hand when you move forward with the claim. It is especially crucial that you keep all documents given to you by your doctor as these will be compulsory when you seek legal action. Witness reports, police reports, and all medical reports should be safely filed away in a folder and kept on hand. Make copies if you need to. Don’t throw anything out, even once the process seems to be complete. Keep your folder filed away for future reference.

Seek representation

Don’t be put off by the idea of paying for an attorney. You are much more likely to be successful with your case if you have someone trustworthy and experienced to help you. Your attorney such as Bill Easterly and Associates will have your best interests at heart and will know what to do in order to get the best outcome for you. Furthermore, all insurance companies have expert legal representation, and chances are, any other parties involved in the case will too. The legal fees you pay will be worth it when you receive your settlement. Having representation also eliminates a lot of the stress and anguish that can come with trying to handle a case yourself.

Keep the case private

If an insurance company or an attorney representing another person tries to get information from you, simply refuse. You do not need to discuss your case with anybody except your own legal representation and your doctor. If you are unsure about your rights in the occurrence of someone asking questions, call your attorney and check with them. Even though your friends and family have your best interests at heart, it’s best to keep discussions about your case to a minimum, or simply not discuss it at all. By keeping conversations between a few select people, you are greatly reducing the risk of unhelpful information getting into the hands of insurance companies or other attorneys. Consult your attorney whenever you are unsure, and make sure to keep your doctor updated on any changes to your condition.

Obey all medical advice

By following through with all orders given to you by your doctor, you avoid the risk of having your case undermined by claims that you didn’t follow the right procedure. No matter how many healthcare providers your doctor sends you to, keep all documents and advice supplied to you, as it will help to build a strong case. If you can demonstrate and prove that you have done all you can to speed your recovery, you stand a better chance for succeeding with your case.

By seeking immediate medical attention, keeping all documents, referring the case to a legal professional, and keeping the case private, you will have a greater chance at a positive outcome with your case.

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