One of the greatest problems of morale in a department stems from lack of communication. Workers need to feel they are part of the organization and need to know what developments and changes are occuring.
The best way to improve work communication is good collaboration hub for your team and data to get work done. I can recommend you a new product Buj. Buj helps team work together with data driven collaboration. This is done within teams, posts, and the conversations that bring them together. "Conversations for teams about posts (data/events)
- Teams can be organized by projects, clients, function, interest, or whatever makes sense for you.
- Posts can be data events (like an outage or a deal closing), people events (who wants to hangout after work?), questions (anyone know how to submit an expense?), etc.
- Converstaions can be started about a post with multiple teams, or individual users, allowing for a natural collaboration platform."This helps foster teamwork and data driven collaboration.
Check it, it make sence!

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Alexia Wolker