It is always an ego-stroke to receive an honest, but favorable review on one of your books. This is one received today on my book "Make Your Own Job: Anytime, Anywhere, At Any Age." It has also received excellent reviews from Kirkus and the U.S. Review of books.

Make Your Own Job by Wm. Hovey Smith is an amazing 16-chapter book on how to secure your future financially. The books start by revealing to us the reality of our modern world: with the adoption of technology, the employment rate has dropped, leading to an outlay for employees. But there are myriads of opportunities that can be maximized to create a job for yourself. Mindset plays a huge role in job creation. The author talked about how to get the right business mindset. There are also goals that need to be set with regards to the job you want to create. This goal comes in different levels.

A business name is one of the most alluring things that captures the minds of people to either patronize you or not. There are different styles of naming that have been talked about. Legalization of business is very vital. There are certain requirements needed for a business to be fully registered, like the name, products, etc. The business needs more funding in order to keep making waves with the business plan intact. You could go to the bank to get a loan, which requires some documents. The structure of the business plan was also discussed in the book. When your business begins operations, you need to protect it to avoid duplication of your efforts. We saw the difference between the parents, trademarks, and copyrights. Another thing to look out for when setting up your business is the source of location. Is it in a place where your audience is? The favorable attitudes of a good location were discussed in the book.

Based on the trend of online work. Virtual cooperation has to do with the coming together of workers to meet a particular need. The most important thing for a business is marketing. Reading about social media marketing is amazing. A few media platforms where products can be marked were also discussed. We also saw what a successful local business offers. For a business to be healthy, the owner needs to be healthy. On the long run, the satisfaction derived from doing business will also boost your health. There are health tips and advice on how to boost your health in the last chapter of this book. The appendix talked about writing a book. I have read a lot of poorly written books, and I can say that the authors lacked the basic information on how to write an amazing and captivating book. This book is very informative and educational. Everyone who wants to start a business or write a book would do exceptionally well if he or she applied the principles and teachings that have been discussed in this book. I commend the author greatly for this exceptional piece of writing.

Author's Bio: 

Wm. Hovey Smith is the author of more than 20 books on outdoor and business topics. He holds University degrees from the University of Georgia and University of Alaska. In the past he has hosted podcast radio probrams. At present he is concentrating on business books, novels, and screenplays. Out this Spring will be a new novel and and business book "Real Wealth: How To Obtain And Keep It."