Dorothy Corkville Briggs once said, “Every child’s growth is not always a forward progression. Instead, it is three steps forward, two back, one around the bushes, and a few simply standing.” This is so very true! After all, kids are like that only! They are playful by their very nature, and as such, you cannot just expect them to behave and work in a rigidly structured manner. It is this particular trait of them that makes them learn more through indulging in free play and creative activities than through the books alone.

At JP International School, one of the best school in greater noida, we believe that children, in their early years, are more like soft clay and can take up any shape they are molded in. No wonder, a child is most creative and imaginative in these years only. And here, the role of ‘Free Play’ comes in handy! Studies have revealed that allowing children to indulge in some free play of their choice can actually work on polishing their social skills, communication skills, cognitive abilities, and emotional skills, besides aiding in their other various significant areas of development.

Now, an important point to note here is that no two children are identical, and as such, the activities they choose for their free play can be very contrasting from each other. One might love scribbling or drawing in free time, while the other might choose a Rubik’s cube or blocks to play with. greater noida best schools Other such examples could be reading books that are not a part of their curriculum, coloring, painting, swimming, running, climbing, jumping, playing dress-up, and much more. However, irrespective of the activity they choose to indulge in, the benefits of this kind of playtime are immense.

So today, we, at JP International School, would like to further touch upon this topic and shed light on the key aspects of child development that are benefitted by letting children indulge in some free play.

  • Encourages out-of-the-box thinking

Playing independently infuses a swell in the imagination of children. In this process of thinking out of the box, they unknowingly teach themselves many things. A sense of self-mentoring originates inside the children.

  • Aids in mental agility

The trial-and-error process adopted by kids while practicing free play stimulates their brain, for it works continuously during that time. And this further promotes making the children mentally agile and productive.

  • Amplifies social development

When children choose to engage in free play with other kids instead of spending time with Apps and video games, they tend to naturally notice each other’s social cues, listen to others’ perspectives, share ideas and feelings, and learn a lot many things that aid in their social development.

  • Serves as a confidence booster

While playing on their own, kids often narrow down to certain new and exciting conclusions. And as you must have seen, they just love bragging about their little discoveries and innovations. schools in greater noida This not only works as happiness infusing element for them but also boosts their confidence triple folds.

  • Brings about an improvement in various skills

A child who engages in free play shows excellent signs of improvements in his/her cognitive skills, physical development, thinking ability, dexterity, and problem-solving ability, and also portrays higher levels of creativity and imagination.

We, at JP International School, one of the top 10 schools in greater noida, firmly believe that in times of the pandemic when children can’t really step out much and mingle with their friends, free play presents an excellent opportunity to them to put their energy levels to the best use. Besides granting them good physical health, free play also benefits them in terms of sharpening their social skills, cognitive skills, emotional skills, and much more.

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So parents, next time you find your little one all lost in his/her own play world, show a thumbs-up and let the child enjoy, because ‘apps’ and ‘toys’ are not the solutions every time!