Beyond the question of whether or not astrology is a science, we believe in astrology as a system that helps guide man to the right path. Therefore, wrong astrological advice often leads to serious consequences and can be misinterpreted as astrology.

Many of us may start the day by reading the astrological results of the morning. It is a psychological argument that the excitement that comes to be known as a favorable day translates into all actions and that favor is turned into profit. But the caution that is taken when it comes to adversity can control the losses to some extent. Loss of profit here is not just financial loss. It also involves time, effort, knowledge and love.

Proper astrological guidance in daily life helps you make decisions in your life. But it is not easy to make it a daily routine. Whether it is in the right field or in the financial arena is not seen. Very common plain words are often spoken in newspapers or television. Also, it is not possible to take care of these things during these busy times. It is also difficult to obtain favorable times or moments. Knowing your lucky color, number and direction will help you make decisions faster and faster.

According to one study, nowadays with mobile phones and laptops, 75% of employees (who are in responsible positions) use diaries or schedulers. None of those diaries give astrologically significant information. That would be a common thing for everyone. Only personal astrological predictions can be experienced by that person.

In a diary or scheduler, if you have your present day (favorable or negative), favorable color, number, direction, favorable times (functionally and financially), star, date, night and day, you can make decisions and edit the day.

Mainly wealth managers (share brokers, real estate businessmen, financial institutions and investors) often rely on experts in the field. Even then, the advice of those experts does not always make a profit. That's where the importance of identifying your horoscope is in your favor. In good times we make good decisions and in bad times we make bad decisions.

If the horoscope is bad on that day, the financial matters can be postponed to the next favorable day. In addition, if you know when to apply for a job or meet a high-ranking executive, you can make things work for you.

A product I saw this past day prompted me to post this. Astrology, the scheduler of the astrological software company, has brought a new product to the market by solving all the requirements I have shared above.

In terms of that product, it gives me a year's worth of results based on my birth information, a gem of a daily routine for me and my mother. Also, the cover of the book, which includes a one-year diary or scheduler, is made of material with a long-lasting finish. Smaller than the average diary, it is ideal to carry and expensive to look at.

In addition, the month, week, and day will also add to the moon, tithi and star. More than that, in a word, whether the day is favorable or unfavorable to me. Based on the horoscope, the color, number and direction of the day gave me my (only) day result. For example, if my star is Ashwati, the usual astrological results will be the same for all Aswathians. But here is my horoscope based day.

Abhijit Mohurtam has been given date and time again. Many people are not aware of the importance of Abhijit Mohurt. Regardless of the adverse day, Abhijit Mohurtham may start with pious deeds or important deeds. In addition, other moments (such as the time to buy and sell items, the time to meet the top official, and the time to apply for the job).

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Author Bio : Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 years practical experience in astrology. She is regular columnist in many leading newspapers in India