Mexico is a nation in southern North America that is formally known as the United Mexican States. Mexico ranked as the tenth-largest exporter nation globally in 2019 according to export data. According to data on Mexican commerce, Mexico sold goods worth USD 460.7 billion in 2019, a rise from USD 450.9 billion in 2018.

The countries of Guatemala, Belize, the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, the United States, and the Pacific Ocean all share a boundary with Mexico. Considering that Mexico has a population of 125.9 million people, the total value of its exports in 2019 amounted to almost USD 3,800 per inhabitant in the southernmost nation of North America.

Mexico's market economy is still under development, ranking 10th in terms of purchasing power parity and 16th overall in nominal terms. According to data from Mexico's customs, agriculture is the country's largest economic sector, with potatoes, sugarcane, and avocados among its fastest-growing crops. According to data on Mexico's exports, other important industries include electronics, oil, energy, and vehicle manufacture.

Mexico Top 10 Export Goods

According to Mexico export data, the top ten products exported by Mexico in 2019 were vehicles (25.68%), electronics (17.14%), machinery (17.09%), mineral fuels & oils (5.63%), optical, photographic, and medical equipment (4.21%), plastics (2.28%), furniture (2.18%), edible vegetables (1.65%), beverages, spirits, and vinegar (1.59%), and edible fruits & nuts (1.58%).

Data from Mexico's customs show that in 2019, eighty percent of the country's entire export value came from its top ten exports. Based on shipment statistics from Mexico, we can see that among the top 10 export categories for the nation, fruits and nuts have experienced the highest growth, increasing 13.3% in value between 2018 and 2019. Mineral fuels and oils (-10.6%) were the biggest export sector in decline for Mexico. The top 10 exports from Mexico, as measured in dollars, are shown in export statistics.

Mexico Top 10 Imports

The following product categories will account for the bulk of Mexico import data 2022 in terms of monetary value. The percentage of each product category's overall imports into Mexico is also displayed.

  • $117.3 billion ($19.4% of all imports) went towards electrical gear and equipment.

  • Computer and electronic equipment: $94.2 billion (15.6%)

  • Oil and other mineral fuels: $62.9 billion (10.4%)

  • Automotive: $48.3 billion (8%).

  • Materials made of plastic: $32.7 billion (5.4%)

  • Steel and iron: $20.8 billion (3.4%)

  • Equipment for optics, technology, and medicine: $18.7 billion (3.1%).

  • $13.3 billion (2.2%) goes to organic compounds.

  • Iron or steel articles: $12.7 billion (2.1%)

  • $11.6 billion (1.9%) in aluminium

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Mexico's import and export data unveils a nation deeply entrenched in the global trade network. Its geographical advantage, diverse commodities, and proactive trade policies position Mexico as a vital player in international commerce.

 As the world evolves, Mexico's trade landscape will continue to adapt, contributing to its economic prosperity and international prominence.

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