As we move into the New Year, what is it about your life, career and/or personal accomplishments that you want to change in 2010? Don’t take this question lightly. It is filled with deep thinking requirements.

Change, just for change sake, is not what this question is about. Rather, it’s designed to make you become very introspective and think about what worked for you in 2009 and what didn’t work. Below is a list of other questions to help you “dig deeper” as you ponder where you’d like to be at the end of 2010.

1. Is your life as happy as it can or should be? If not, why not?
2. What do you do that you could do every day of your life?
3. Are you happy with your job? I mean really happy!
4. What might you change about the way your approach your work?
5. Do you feel you are using all of your potential and intellectual capabilities?
6. What area of knowledge should you shore up in the coming year that, if mastered, would help you make giant strides?
7. What relationships in your life could be better?
8. What can you do to make them better?
9. Do you tend to blame others when things go wrong or have you been able to accept personal responsibility?
10. Is your income at a level that sustains the lifestyle you’d like to have?
11. What can you do to increase the amount of money you earn?
12. Have you truly mastered the art of fiscal responsibility?
13. Are you debts too high and your income too low?
14. Do you love your work? Is it a pleasure to start each working day? Is it causing stress?
15. What are several ways in which you can retain more of your income?
16. Are you happy to be in the company of the people you call “your friends?” If not, why not? If yes, why yes?
17. How much time do you spend with family each day in meaningful interactions?
18. Do you take breaks during the year to get away from the job?
19. Are you promotable? If not, why not? Is so, why so?
20. What is the number one accomplishment that must be reached by the end of 2010?

Well, did you find these questions challenging enough for you? I don’t want to add stress to your life but I do want you to engage in the deepest form of self-evaluation you’ve ever attempted. We are immune to what is happening economically today and simply surviving is a challenge many of us face. Rapid recovery may be difficult but it is not impossible if one puts the correct plans in place. Understand these plans will be unique to you. But getting to the answers will come more easily if you begin the planning activity with the previous twenty questions. Then, add more questions until you’ve developed and scripted a workable plan. Get into action with the right mindset and information and 2010 just might be the best year yet.

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Billy Arcement, MEd, professional speaker, consultant, executive coach and author, provides solutions for business and education leaders by turning knowledge into results. His book, Searching For Success is now published in seven languages. His newest book, Journeying on Holy Ground, is called a “Life Manual” by readers. See for details about his services or call 225-677-9426. © 2010.