The Business Class is the fourth and last subclass of the Federal Experience Worker Class and we will analyze it below.

Who can qualify? Those are Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Self-employed people.

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As of September 1, 2010, the application process for those applicants is simplified because the waiting time for an application to be processed exceeds 2 - 3 years.
So the new procedure includes two steps:

1. Submitting Initial Application
2. Filing Supportive Documents

Stage One - Submitting the Initial Application
When you submit the initial application to the visa office in your country, they will check that the correct form is submitted and the correct fees have been paid. You have to submit only the following documents:
- Application for permanent residence in Canada (IMM0008BU) - you can find it inside My Immigration Consultant

- Use of representative, if applicable - you can find it inside My Immigration Consultant

- Processing fee
If you have submitted the wrong application form or the fees paid are incorrect, your application will be returned
Also if you have submitted documents that are not required for the initial application, they will be returned to you.

If the documents and fees submitted are correct an Acknowledgment of Receipt letter will be issued, generally within 30 days, confirming that your application has been registered. That will also add your file number and information regarding the expected processing time.

While the primary application period, do not contact the visa office for any reason except if you have
- changed your mailing address
- you decide to withdraw your application (processing fees will be refunded)

- you have changed your immigration representative
Stage Two - Filing Supporting Documents
When the visa office is ready to examine your application, they will contact you and ask you to submit the following:
- updated application forms
- extra fees (if you have married or have additional children)
- All the promoting document (They will give you a checklist for all documents needed) some of those documents are: photographs, educational certificates, professional certificates, business documents, proof of language ability, police clearance certificates, etc.
After receiving all those documents, a Citizen and Immigration (CIC) officer will examine your application taking into account all the information and documentation you have provided.

The CIC officer will make a decision on your application based on the points you accumulate in the selection factors. You will also be assessed if you have the ability to meet the required fund's amount for the size of your family. Then you will be advised of the results and if there are any additional requirements, such as medical examinations, interviews, passport, etc.

Processing Times:
The length of time that is needed for an application to complete stage one differs from country to country. You will be informed about the expected processing time in the Acknowledgment of Receipt letter. You container also get the most current information about the processing time in the different countries inside My Immigration Consultant.
(Please note that all the data and information inside My Immigration Consultant is up to date as it connects to the appropriate site for the update as soon as you open the Consultant. Then no trouble if you have bought My Immigration Consultant 1 year ago or 3 years ago or yesterday and you will use it after 1 year. The information will be up to date. Also to use it, you do not have to be connected to the internet all the time. Internet is needed for downloading the application sets, for entering the job database to find jobs, and generally to be able to connect to any of the online facilities offered)

Inside the Consultant you can find tips on how to speed up your process, the selection criteria and the pointing system, funds required to settle in Canada, how to get prepared for the interview and what questions are asked, and many more.

To be able to complete the whole procedure by yourself and not spend your money on agents and immigration advisers, get your Immigration Consultant now.

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